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Kissed. Thanks, Robin and drew well done. Well, John so LeBron James is your new hero. And the reason why has nothing to do with sports Tanya in the training or point. Yes. So I'm not a big sports, girl obvious. But I read this story and it made me fall in love with LeBron James. I wanted to tell you guys, obviously, the fight to close the gender gap still going battling. But the thing that I found really interesting is that these top actresses in Hollywood are still fighting this battle, so Octavia Spencer. She is like an Academy Award winning actress like she is so legit. And she's still can't get equal pay for as her male counterparts in his show that she's doing for Netflix. It's called Madame CJ Walker, and this is where LeBron steps in. So he is an executive producer on this show. And she was talking at a Sundance film festival panel Octavia was and she basically said that when she was in negotiations that LeBron James had intervened. She said I have to say when I was negotiating my deal for Madame CJ, LeBron James had to intervene. We need all our male counterparts. To be in the fight with us. And this just made me just fall in love with him. Like, I feel like that's so this is a very modern, man. You know, what I mean like step in and be like I want to help my girl Octavia. And I thought it was really cool that she was on a panel. Speaking about it. And I just really to. I love that story. What do they call it? When you give an assistant basketball, they call it oftentimes. There's an assist on the court. He's dropping more than dimes rock Tevita. Yeah. Awesome. Coming up next, thirty minutes, a kiss music hang on. Now..

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