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To just become a bit of a twisted off when you're in pain you know and so i It's so nice to also find out that someone really admire his nice to you in. Like sort of two-minute drips even never know someone's really like it's been so i- opening to get to know you feel the same way and i'm so grateful to have gotten to know you this much more because i've always felt the same way of like every time i see you. I'm like laura of her. Funniest thing is that you and i realized yesterday. We've had each other's number for threes this whole time. We've just been sort of tiptoeing near dm once every six months the fucking phone number. We've seen each other emoji. That's that's big shit shit. We send each other big package. we were taking. We were taking big ships on each other's stores worst responding within minutes. It was a great. It's well how much time ways that we shall. we shall remedy. Wait and before you go. I have to ask. What do you weigh this one. So tough talker everyone. It's tough everyone. Can i say something like kindness. You ever you everyone okay. Well you can wear your favorite sex to it. I don't care just has to a know. It can be the deepest the lee steep thing in the world you know. I have a lot of favorite sex toys. But i will say yeah like i i would hope to look back and say like that back. I was worth my weight in kindness. Us love lane been very kind today. And hopefully i will see you soon. I'm going to a media. I thank you. Thank you so much for listening to this week's episode i with meal is produced in research by myself djamil erin finnegan and kimmy gregory it is edited by andrew carson and the beautiful music. You're hearing now is made by my boyfriend. James blake if you haven't already please rate review and subscribe to the show. It's a great way to show your support. We also have a bonus series exclusively on stitcher premium called ostrom Anything check out. You can get a free month's stitcher premium by going stitcher dot com ford's premium and using the promo code. Iway lastly over. I way we would love to hear from you and share way at the end of this book cost. You can leave us a voicemail at one eight one eight six six zero five five four three or email us. What you way at highway podcast at

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