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I think that an as you pretty well liked joe book takes a ton of junk from ton of people to rico i know i love those guys all i think they do a phenomenal job yet because doing that job well is not easy but the idea of putting in an analytic treatment does a fine job but troy aikman tony romo's what's romo is must listen must watch tv kella commentator good but it's not it's not yeah you're gonna change your mono net tony romo what's the game first of all is based on the entire body of work of all the color commentators and a lot of guys are not as good let's just be real so sure and then when you hear romo predicting plays calling out next level tendencies and telling you what he would have done and and then you just mapping it on roma move the needle for me like i i literally will go here like well first of all i watched a ransom so tough yeah a damn i'm watching red zone so it was weird would tune out of red zone if i knew romo was calling the game find him so he he did pull you it i i mean based on response it seemed like he put a lot of people wanna get good is good is his personality and to your point it was tony romo pulling you in because he was some dynamic personality or pulling you in because he was doing things that were different that have been done before and it's predicting plays and taking your next level it so often the analysis in particular is pretty perfunctory it's pretty no kidding me the first of all a lot of those cats get bogged down by the details they wanna talk about this situation.

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