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Bet. Becher lawn is suffering, and you don't want winter kill this year like last year. So we'll talk about winter watering and a lot more this Saturday morning nine to eleven on around the house right here on six thirty K Hal. Road again. Hi, Tom Martino, your troubleshooter. This Email wants to know that wink, wink dot com. Phone number again, it's four one zero three zero three four one zero seventeen twenty again. I look at bankruptcy for two things. Mainly. One is for getting out of a rip-off if someone ripped you off in a contract, and you wanna break it like in a bad car deal, not just any cardio. But really were they screwed somebody young. And they just need to get out of it or saving home from foreclosure with arrearages that you want to spread out make those payments to get caught up again. The other kinds of bankers. I'm not going to sit in judgment, but just the credit cards and all that, you know, I like to believe those doing bankruptcies do it for you know, what we call the right reasons. Right. The beyond their control, but I'm not going to sit in judgment of anyone wink, wink dot com. Bankruptcy laws are very controversial. So our so our things when it comes to criminal defense. Very controversial. I mean, there are people that assume someone is guilty as soon as they hear it, and they don't like the idea of criminals fence. It's amazing. And then there are some people you ever noticed why some people if they're accused of something that goes way never comes back, but other people if they're accused of something it keeps resurfacing like lake lake people become holy again. I call it. Kobe. Bryant was accused of rape was horrible. You never. Here. It never hear anything at all Kobe Bryant's like a Saint. But then you you get someone like your, but he went through hell when she first came out man, of course. And and I'm not. I don't know anything about as far as guilt or not guilty. But it went away he wasn't prosecuted. And then there are other cases that go away too. But the people are still they're still stigmatized. So I don't know what it takes. And why some people have our Teflon and other people just I think it's when people love to hate people, and they have an excuse it sticks. And when people love people the accusations go away. Three zero three seven one three eight two five bucks. I gotta get to people especially those have been waiting. Okay. So Matt I'm sorry waiting so long. Matt what's happening, sir? Let's try to help you. Good morning. What's going on me? Well, last year, my wife, and I bought a washer and dryer set from Sears of thorton. Did you buy the Kenmore or did you buy another brand? You know? I can't remember I believe it is the ten more. What's the problem? What's the problem? Well, so we buy it last year when we bought it. We'll bought the extended warranty here at the first January. The washer went out. I called Sears said, hey, the washers out. Did you buy the extended warranty from Sears? Yes. We did. They have terrible service. And nor does it matter there in BK. Yeah. I know I'm finding that out. But I call them said, hey, you guys come out look at this get repaired they said well since you live in Windsor. We don't have a repair guy. We're going to have to send out a third party not gonna get it. I'm just gonna tell you right now. They are in trouble. So what's the latest? Did you get anyone to your home? No. Well, yes, we got somebody's home a month and a half later. It's still not fixed. We got a family of five and we've accumulated probably five six hundred dollars worth of laundry expensive since then. And so I'm having trouble getting the same sex. But also Sears is telling us that they will not reimburse us for of course, they won't coil. The laundromat now. Of course, they won't. I mean, we're why should they most likely agreement that you can go to a laundromat? I'm not saying they should or shouldn't. Well, actually, I am saying that you should never you shouldn't assume they're gonna pay for your laundromat. But but here's the bigger question. I need to know the manufacturer because the manufacturer can take care of this directly. If the manufacturer is Ken more than we got a problem. Do you do is there any way you can find out do, you know, is it a Kenmore? It is Kenmore. Okay. Well, now, you're so you have an appliance with a bankrupt company. That's really what it is. And unfortunately, there's not much you can do about it. I will be amazed. If in ninety days, there's still a Sears. It's not under a liquidation sale. We kinda. Yeah. You are. But so what I mean? I don't mean. So what I mean? It's not doesn't mean you have something worthless. Call another repair, you can still get it fixed. And then try to. Try to go after them if they come out of bankruptcy. They told us is not available won't be available for like forty five days. They can't get the park for part is it. He called it a motherboard. So somebody wait a minute. So somebody did come out and look at it. Yeah. Yeah. Third party came out and looked at it. You mean somebody who about a you hired. No, somebody Shearson out. Okay. So listen, here's the thing. It says here from Kenmore we are honoring our warranties protection agreements in guarantees as normal in a written statement. And then they said you can still go and ask for help. That is what they're saying. However, if they go through bankruptcy. They don't have to. Most of them have been now. Now, the judge can can order them to take care of certain claims and usually warranty claims are up there. You know, employees are first warranty claims promises unfilled orders, but. You're going to have there's going to be a problem. You're going to have a problem. No matter what. Because it's not going to be as easy as if you just bought it from like best buy and you had a warranty or you bought it from Home Depot, and you had like a Samsung, you're you're dealing with a bankrupt company. So anybody you suggest or recommend for what we needed to take legal action again. Okay, man in bankrupt sat there is no legal action. You don't go after bankruptcy. I mean, I mean, do you understand that you can buy a brand new washer and save the ridge? It'll be probably less than half a retainer just to get an attorney you understand. You know, what I'm saying what legal action would you take breach of contract? But there is no breach of contract if they're in bankruptcy. I mean there is, but where do you don't get any loss? You don't get any losses or damages. So we're just kinda out. Yeah. It here. I don't I don't delight and telling you this. But it's like you bought something. And then the company goes out of business. They're not out of business yet. So if they ordered the part, and if you're waiting for the part, you're still in good standing, they may come out of bankruptcy. You may get this fixed. The judge may order that they continue honoring warranties. It. All depends on the bankruptcy court. They're so screwed man. They have they have one point eight billion in liabilities. Just for pension just for pay. And that's going to be a priority. That's going to be the priority over anything. When did you buy this last April? Oh, okay. It was before you knew they were going to go into pre bankruptcy. Yeah. Yeah. So it's screwed if he bought it after bankruptcy. He'd actually have a better chance again some done. Yeah. But it might be. So matt. How would I would do is is go along with it until they fix it? I mean, they might fix it. They're not talking like, they're not gonna fix it. Right. No, they they just said the part wouldn't be available for another forty five days, and it's already been thirty. So okay. So let's see what happens if it's going to be available. Let us know could work in the worst case scenario. Not the worst. But the, but the worst case scenario is you have something useless. But I think even if they get the part and this third party says we're not doing it for Sears unless you pay for it. I would pay for it. Otherwise, you have something useless. I think Dave destroyed that brand to I think they specked out too cheap Chinese crap. Now, they're doing everything just to stay afloat honest to God. Really that was that was a very good brand back in the day. Yeah. It was a good brand. Just like craftsman craftsman been sold so crass lack in decker or a Stanley one of them. But are they still doing the lifetime? No matter what I don't know. So listen, Matt. I would wait another fifteen days. See what this place says about the replacement parts? And if at all possible, we do have an angel at Sears. If at all possible, they stay in business. We'll try to get it taken care of we really well now Jack said he worked with Tom Bruin Bruins auction. So Jack, I want to take a quick break. But I want to hear what you have to say, you how long did you work with Tom Bruin? I had two consignments with them about two and a half years ago twenty thousand dollars and the other one was for forty thousand. Oh, so when you worked with him, you mean, you you contract it with him. You didn't you weren't an okay hold on. I'd love to hear your experience Bruins auction gallery. I mean, the guy is seems a little unstable to us. He started kicking and biting and frothing at the mouth with Mark. I might have exaggerated, but he did kick and scream like a girl and he's upset with Mark over over him pursuing him for this money. He took something on consignment and lied about it he continues to lie. So what do you call someone who lies you? Call him a liar. And when they don't pay and they say, you know, you're not gonna get it. He's a cheater. And then he tells Mark that. Well, you know, I don't have the money then he tells her while we never sold it on video. He's a liar and a cheater. And that's Tom Bruin a chief. Bruins auction galleries spread this word around. I don't care what he says. He's a liar and a cheater. So you shouldn't use them. You can't use people who lie and cheat. Tom bruin? We'll talk about it..

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