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But remember Hillary Clinton was a strong advocate for this. I have articles in the show notes today from John Salomon that are older they're from October flashy, but I want you to read them in the hill. Remember, John Salomon knows the whole story folks, I'm telling you it's all about Skoko about how Hillary Clinton is on record advocating strongly for this skulk of oh project. Okay. Remember when we're talking about we're talking about corrupt influence that the Russians tried to influence Hillary Clinton. To get this done. Right. The skulk of project folks was was disguised as a technology, again, Silicon Valley type thing and Russia, what was Skoko really, well, according to United States government intelligence, insiders skulk vote was nothing more than an effort by the Russians to steal our most sensitive technology to use it in weapons technology. And according to a piece in the daily caller where they citing inside or on this technology stolen, via skulk of oh and its operations may have been used any development of a hypersonic missile, which can defeat are a lot of a lot of our anti missile technologies. Think about what I just told you. Hillary Clinton advocated openly for the Russians to be able to open this technology quarter in Russia, the technology quarter based on US intelligence assets was not for technology at all it was for the theft of technology, which may have been used in the development of a deadly missile, which can defeat certain US anti missile technologies. Hillary's team and Hillary advocated for this. Oh, it gets better. The Russians now have been outed is trying to influence Hillary Clinton to get lobbying operation up against her. Who was the head of the Skoko project? The head of the skulk of project was a man named Victor vex Oberg. Victor vex Oberg is company Renova had donated between fifty and one hundred thousand dollars to the Clinton foundation. Vaccine Berg read this. They wanna find this is important. Yeah. This is great. This is from a Washington Examiner piece, so Victor Rexel Berg and ally of Putin who is the president of the Skoko foundation. Again, this project designed to steal technology from the United States used in military applications against us Hillary's advocating for it. And the president of it fascinating enough. Watts the meet with Bill Clinton, Mark meadows, solid strong conservative Republican congressman with Carolina now once Jon Huber, the United States attorney assigned to investigate all this to testify up on Capitol Hill a day after my birthday, December fifth. That's why all this is news on bringing this up randomly that broke yesterday that stories in the show notes to wet meadows wants to know, what is going on with the investigation to the Clinton foundation. I didn't mean to bury the leap, I'm telling you. I think the government already knows this. I think there's significant progress in a corruption investigation into the Clinton foundation. And that's why Haberman's right net story. There you go Haberman's right in the story to run preemptive interference in his. Joe said poisoned a well right now, here's what they're hiding. Hillary has this dealings with skulk VO Invex Oberg from the Washington Examiner beginning in may twenty ten Amitav deci Clinton foundation, employees you acted as a frequently. As onto the State Department on behalf of Bill Clinton asked agency officials if they had any objections to the former presidents plan to meet with a handful of Russian executives on an upcoming swing through the country. A swing where he was paid five hundred thousand dollars by a Russian Bank heavily involved in the Rosatom purchase of uranium one. Oh, hold on. We haven't even got to that yet. Here's the Email from this Clinton foundation employees to the State Department where Hillary's working, by the way. Would state have concerns about William Jefferson Clinton seeing any of these folks uses WJC's initials Desai wrote on may fourteen twenty ten using Clinton's initials. Vecsey Berg's name appeared on the list of Russian businessmen. Oh, oh, here we go after receiving no snow reply Desai S senior members of the Hillary Clinton staff again ten days later for their thoughts on Bill Clinton's proposed meetings on June third twenty ten decides that he informed on the former president urgently needed feedback about what he described as a possible trip to Russia, isn't that special?.

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