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Off the draw here's love joy finds taylor hall taylor the nine gained point scoring streak puck is clear devils back across paul mary send it along the top of the wall the cubs nearside cadre finds komarov at center ice to the devil's own martyr after the long week lovejoy losing edges cadre is the puck rolls loose taylor hall with it up for will butcher a little too far and ron haiti will control won a stanley cup last year played for pittsburgh devils with an inner said here's a shock by decency bye anderson head we'll have a face off he played his entire career without going to the postseason at nine hundred seven games played ron hazy without going to the playoffs until carolina traded into pittsburgh they go onto with the stanley cup he was a free agent signed the summer with toronto well he had patrick marlowe were signed debris nat experience matt the only find out once you hit the post season if it works i mean yeah i mean you you make these trade you make these sidings gm who doesn't believe it can work whether it does or not well that's why they play the game here's connor carrick at center ice sends the puck and zach hyman lifts the stick of john more puck behind.

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