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To take the lead you know states i and this has gotta be a xactly what steve sampson was hoping for to happen messes wise to get forward getting behind an attack and the press high of the let's go out and make a statement for soccer the united states one of the biggest in us history we would've really happy with type quite of course these american players would have been happy with the like me they'd grown up watching the merit don era revolved telling football when alexi lalas was sixteen he'd watch your intentions win the nine thousand nine hundred six world cup in person nine years later score a goal against favorable results when alda hurling all the way to the fireside that's cobi jones cobi jones and won on the cross tuck sit in inside the us swedes to not paying i knew that it was something that regardless of what happened nobody will ever take away i scored against argentina they normally at the fender he'd symbol recklessly abandoned this position to make bold dashing run towards the argentine go and that gamble paid off diego maradona himself would have been delighted with the way that lewis didn't just school but he scored with style fifty minutes later the halftime whistle when and the origin tones dazed as shuffled to the locker room hearing the booze from their own fans the americans what they used to but for a different reason the locker room of time legs gonna tell you just cool professional and course to nila fun tina we united states of america well i mean you're like well no there were certain moments where we kind of looked other and giggled but in the second half the americans had to contain that giddiness they need a tire win remember they were out to the copa argentina have been cooled by surprise they underestimated the americans by resting there in force at the simione but in the second hall he entered the gate almost scored twice but almost doesn't count elder on the other hand expert a little too three.

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