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The hall of fame eight weeks ago about a fifth of them didn't play any football to high school and they ended up pretty good while to great said eight five five two one two four cbs talking nick lowery here on cbs sports radio of me bill rider promised we take some calls were going to do that let's start in raleigh brendan you're on the air with us with me bill and that with nick lowery thanks dragging out what's going on hey hey bill hennick houria her um i just had a question listening tear segment here i was wondering how you had mentioned earlier that some of the earlier erred view i forget what the threeletter acronym you code but youth of the correlated with pp but it was also present in our showed the same kind of find a dementia and alzheimer's and so i was curious just being how you know that you said that the kinds of heat he had been present than people haven't had had promised stuck yet how do you know that you're looking at actual find the pp and not just potentially like earlyonset alzheimer's or green on earlier slammed of a different brain disorder well that's difficult question because i of i don't think i said anything about not having head trauma am what we've learned in north carolina steady you're in north carolina now eight we are on the air the caller oh yeah he heated starlet area he wasn't so who's enrolling now that raleigh so i i there's a home runs still orbiting by the way there was hit off me when i was pitching for government and rally a north carolina but in north carolina the university of north carolina put six electrodes on the helmet's of each of their players and they found that the practice hits the sub can custom hits were just as in the end cumulatively justice powerful in the in the impact literally and figuratively on the likelihood of that person getting see t e so i dunno house to answer his question accept that when he had a life life has had trauma and none of.

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