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Thank you and Corey Perry got penalties pockets also in the box. Goodness. A chance to stars. We're gonna have to make this a one goal game. Maroon takes the shot. And he does bump into the goalie and he does. Yeah, but goalies outside his creasing. There's a rebound, who took a huge hit from a done earlier and was shaken up. He went to the dressing room. That they call to head minute. Perry. We're talking way out. That's all started last last period. Member when headmen and period just about the end. I think they're two stars in the box and three lighting player, So I think this is going to be a two minute minor on maroon that will give the stars their fifth power play chance. At 16 Klingberg comes in. Laney have had some opportunities to get their fourth goal pocket off the post. And Marines original shot was a save for the goalie, Khudobin. This becomes a huge kill for the lightning late period. To keep their 31 lead intact. Many of the first three power place, but since then the Stars have had five of the next six, referee in control member said. That's a penalty period way ended up scoring on a power play. They actually have the headmen penalty is the one that is up on the board so the lady can kill this off. Head middle, come out of the box. Ben and Good Road is a big draw out of the rain of Vasilevskiy. Lady. Wanna maintain the two goal lead here late. Second Big kill without Victor. And the draw one by Ben He's going in CenterPoint Left circle, Siegen. Corner. It is Pavelski CenterPoint shoots, Save Rebound Shot Save again on Ban redone Siegen, Right Circle centers at loose in front. Where is it? Chopping a McDonnell want my Raj a lot. Chicken gets it back standards it bouncing around in front. Coleman golf Static couldn't clear held in. He's got a point. Right garage alive. Office stick Gonna forces steal. No, he's gonna send a pointless cycle. Sagan. Slips a shot wide right? Even a Rachael operate circles. It's in a Rachael. Alright Circle Pavelski CenterPoint, hastening Right circle. It's fragile on holds six shots may rebound Lucid Brad, and it's crap by good already clears. He wanted from two stars with vast Lusky laying on his back. Our play continues. He's getting right side. Pete, it is Rachael. He fires.

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