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The bleacher tweets for you apologies to everyone who wrote in you have to listen to me screw it up mark with i and margo stor mark says it sounds like heresy buster and the angels would probably never do it but shouldn't they consider trading mike trout the team is many pieces away from contending and if they can get four top players for him which of course it's possible their future would be brighter i always go back to this if you were the new york giants would you trade willie mays nineteen fifty four no if you were the milwaukee braves would you trade an riera in one thousand nine hundred fifty seven at the beginning of his career no and that's where the angels are with mike trout they're not gonna trade mike trout in glenis at golina's ian says bust what do you think of an al team in need of relief help and about like say the astros trading for the reds michael renton his pitching numbers are solid and i think everyone would like to see what he can do with more plate appearances yeah i would love that i wonder if some teams are beginning to evaluate him as a hitter especially watching shohei ohtani i remember talking with general manager at that time tani agreed to go to the angels and he said everyone's going to be watching because they have questions about how this might work and we're getting an indication rotan yes you said some injuries us but he's demonstrate waited he can pitch and he get hit and so can lorenzen absolutely lewis day oh weiss's nazis at a day o underscore lewis double zero vs lennox picked up their fiftieth win of the season over the weekend mark they didn't reach last year until august sixth good research lewis do you expect them to add any pieces at the deadline yes i do but i would say it's a measure by because even though they're playing well they're still pretty far behind the mariners for the second wildcard and most general managers will not like make a big investment to pursue the second wildcard but as always thought it's could be opportunistic for example i think blake china right now the all star closer for them it's got a lot of value and we've seen the athletics in the past flipped their closers maybe augment other parts of the team maybe patch up going get somebody else who can close games i do think that they'll be active jackie at summer of jack has a great bleacher tweet buster do you think the red sox or the cardinals would consider a trade of david price yes please for dexter fowler this off season both have bad contracts are unhappy in the cards reportedly had interest in price when he was a free agent back in two thousand fifteen i think there's too much of a difference in the size of the contracts and what's left i think with dexter what he's got he's second year into eighty two and a half million dollar deals so he's going to be down to around fifty million dollars after this year david price he's still is around one hundred one hundred hundred twenty million after this year so no i don't think they're in the same ballpark i was thinking what do you think about this like if you were the you the yankees and the corridors you want to turn the page maybe jacoby ellsbury for dexter fowler those numbers are probably a little bit closer yeah now wishful thinking there when you mentioned david price rather when jackie mentioned him but you're right they discrepancy and salaries probably just too much to overcome finally we got this question from jeff trimmer at j trim thirty two buzzer we seem to get this question every year but this year jeff gets the honors of saying hey buster what are some good baseball books that you recommend for summer reading i'm down in orange beach alabama and wants them good reading material for the beach which will first off you to david halberstam was my hero in journalism and i would recommend anybody going and finding one of the books that he did on baseball summer forty nine october one thousand nine hundred sixty four a writing about the red sox and yankees in nineteen forty nine writing about the cardinals and the yankees in nineteen sixty four the teammates he did about this four red sox players ted williams bobby door johnny pesky another one i guess it was dumped amodu that that is tremendous and i always thought lords of the realm a great book on the.

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