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Between growth and value because I know that we've talked about this before I think, is it gross that you favor. But I was looking at this morning that suggestion value is pretty cheap on some measures, where do you come down that in this debate? Yeah. Definitely are my beak gross fund of we've been there for, for many years until his ideas at low interest rates, and kind of scares economic growth will definitely leak it awards were those stocks and that has been a trend for over a decade. Yes. Value, stocks are directed that has not helped very much. So we expect the gross looks to continue performing strongly. What would brags this very long term trend? I think substantially higher interest rates. That's what you need to see to for stocks to start rallying. It's coming. At the current state. So I think rose, folks still lots of room to contain. All right. Maria, thanks very much for your time this morning on TV both on TV and on radio Maria fight Montas senior multi-asset strategist at State Street. Now, the latest in global news, his that, Sandra Kilhof. Good morning, Anna at least nineteen people injured after a man wielding two knives attack degree boycotting the bus stop outside Tuncay legs, Brian founder reports thirteen of the victims were schoolgirls at a nearby Catholic school, a thirty nine year old man and a sixth grade girl died from their wounds and the suspect died after slashing his own neck, although Japan has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. It has had a series of high profile killings, including in knife attacks in Tokyo grind Fowler. Bloomberg daybreak Europe. Alstead Australian challenge. The best inputs has started his campaign to return to power. The Australian leader also became the show. Serving his strange coalition pumped listen, the nationalist Freedom Party, but devote to this miss him. An interim administration will be named in the coming week before snap elections that you to yield says he's confident will back him in September. He listed the priorities for his rightist league Ponti and insisted he won't let European Union rules stand in his way his promise of a flat tax reviewing the blocks, limits on debt and deficits is likely to trigger a new clash with Brussels soon in Rome for name, Bloomberg daybreak Europe and apologies. I did miss the introduction to that voice. It was about Matteo Salvini, who is wasted. No time in setting. He's controlled Italy's populist coalition. We had Bloomberg John filleting reporting on the election. Full out in Italy. Meanwhile, severe weather is due to continue across the central US and made west this week storms and flooding have three havoc on the area with another tornado killing two people in Oklahoma over the weekend. Governor Kevin stood says it's unbelievable that anybody could

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