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From ABC news, John Chuck Sivertsen. President Trump confirms his administration is exploring the possibility of sending migrants that illegally crossed the border introduce where he city we are giving verse strong consideration to having people after a twenty day period. Because again, you're not allowed legally to hold them for more than that. We will move them into sanctuary cities. President also says more troops would be sent to the border security issue near the White House. A law enforcement official tells ABC news he was in the park directly in front of the White House known as Lafayette Park when he lit his jacket on fire while he was wearing it. Secret service responded, extinguish the fire and offered I ate ABC's. Serena Marshall, new gun law. Colorado governor Jared police was surrounded by family members of people who were killed by gun violence as he signed what's known as a red flag Bill. It's a lot thirty six Colorado counties. Oppose in one sheriff has proclaimed he will not enforce the law allows judges to order guns. We taken away from people if they're deemed a risk to themselves. Selves or others. Governor police and say critical tool for families for judges for law enforcement to help reduce gun violence consistent with our second amendment rights. Colorado becomes a fifteenth state to enact such a law. Alex stone ABC name taking effect today. Anyone who is transgender is Barnum mincing in the military's nine months in Afghanistan rotating around to different outbursts from the biggest pieces to the smallest faces. And not only was I welcome everywhere. I went I was requested to go to all of these small outposts because they had heard good things about my hair. It's not only was I ready to increase as a physical therapist readies almost thousand servicemembers excreted while I was in Anniston army captain via still EQ eight transgender woman five year old child hospitalized. After officials say he was shoved or pushed from a balcony at Minnesota's mall of America. A man is charged with attempted homicide. You're listening to ABC news. Arizona's.

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