Biden's COVID symptoms improve; WH says he's staying busy


I'm Mike Gracia reporting President Biden's COVID symptoms improved and The White House says he's staying busy I'm feeling much better than I sound President Joe Biden and The White House painted a picture Friday of the 79 year old president still at work despite being diagnosed with COVID-19 one day earlier but during a video conference with his top economic team This is a 38th day in a row of declining retail gas prices Biden's illness was evident Doctor Ashish jha The White House COVID-19 response coordinator The president is doing better He slept well last night He ate his breakfast and lunch Biden's doctors say his COVID symptoms are mild and he is responding to treatment The White House says none of the 17 people determined to have been in close contact with Biden when he might have been contagious have tested positive Biden will be in isolation in The White House living quarters for 5 days Mike Gracia Washington

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