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I mean, you know, Patrick Mahomes dad, a little bit of pro athlete. Andrew looks a little bit of pro athlete mean went to six five. Got a cannon for an arm can run all over the field. Trevor Lawrence, I watched them play in high school. It just he just did not look like anybody I've ever seen during football in high school. Didn't look like anybody. I've gone all these high school camps. I've never seen high school quarterback. I saw him surrounded by nine other five star high school quarterbacks. He looked like a college quarterback and he was seventeen years old. He was actually throwing the ball better than a handful of NFL guys can throw it, and I'm not joking on that. So I think you signed the deal now of course, with Andrew luck and Carson Wentz, you bet injuries. But I think you roll the dice on that, if you look at Carson Wentz his career stats, these are amazing. He started as a rookie and they had a very chaotic offensive line situation as a rookie. They had no wide receivers as a rookie and his stats all-time or sixty four percent completion percentage. You know. Almost three times the mini touchdowns his pants and a passer rating ninety two point five. The, the kids have stud. He really is. Now, do you worry about the injury stuff? Yeah. But I think Howie Roseman smart, and you figured it out. He said, you know what if we wait a year or two and Patrick Mahomes contract comes up, and they're gonna offer Patrick two hundred million. We might as well just give this kid a lot of money now. And in the meantime, force, the Dallas Cowboys into a little uncomfortable situation where okay crap. We signed this now Carson Wentz than the Cowboys probably have to pay back over thirty million dollars a year because that's what Carson's gonna get. Now, I think Carson's worth it if you pay deck that you're going to have to you're not going to be able to sign. Everybody Dallas has drafted extraordinarily. Well, in fact, field Yates put this up yesterday on Twitter. The eagles veteran players are now assigned for at least three more years, so you can have a three year run Philadelphia. They're going to be. A pain in the arse to deal with. That's why I've said, I think New England and Kansas City in the colts and the Steelers are favorites to get to the Super Bowl in the AFC. I think there's four really good teams. Keep your on the chargers. They got a good roster. I think Philadelphia's my favorite to get in the NFC. I think I like Philadelphia lot. So I, I like the move. Let me go back to something I led the show with we talked a lot about it the warriors investor Mark Stevens was banned for a year and fined five hundred K for shoving Kyle Lowry, and according to Lowry. I don't know if there's audio or anything on this, or anybody can lip read, but he also said, a bunch of expletives at Kyle Lowry, which is just. It's hard to wrap my brain around a Harvard team owner swearing in pushing an NBA player. But I got video of most of that. I did get people yesterday that push back on me and said, Colin you said he should be taken out of the ownership circle and get them out of the arena's. Yes. I did. And I believe that. And the defense, a lot of people said this, and it's an important. This is an important thing to bring up, Colin one bad moment shouldn't ruin your life. One, bad moment, doesn't equal bad guy. I'm not saying that and I think that's I think that's a fair point that we live in a world now where you could be an outstanding. I mean you could literally be. A wonderful public servant, you could be a politician. A small state Senator making sixty grand a year for fifty years, one. Bad tweet, you're out of office in your horrible person. I've seen this avalanche this hate sue Nabi this tyranny of the mob on social media. I've seen it just devour very well, meaning people..

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