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I'm Daria holding her condemning violence but not taking responsibility. Violence we saw yesterday at our nation's Capitol was appalling. Reprehensible and antithetical to the American way. We condemn it. The president and this administration in the strongest possible terms a brief statement from White House press secretary Kayleigh Mcenany a day after the deadly attack on the U. S Capitol by supporters of President Trump, who demanded the results of the election be overturned. Lawmakers vowing to take action Speaker Nancy Pelosi calling on the vice president to invoke the 25th amendment, so is to remove President Trump from office. A very dangerous person. Who should not continue in office. This is urgent. This is emergency of the highest magnitude. 25th amendment lays out the procedures for replacing the president in the event of death removal, resignation or incapacitation and states. The vice president would then become president. Pelosi is threatening to impeach the president a second time if Pence doesn't take action. And as delicate terra ABC NEWS Washington 74 Armed New Jersey State troopers are now in D C. Guarding the Capitol Building. Governor Phil Murphy is also sending 500 members of the state's National Guard to assist law enforcement in Washington will be providing security to our nation's memorials and monuments. Colonel Lisa how President elect Biden says President Trump's actions led to the breach at the Capitol building. He said So before announcing his pick today for Attorney General Judge Merrick Garland. Everyone who watched yesterday's events in Washington now understands. If they did not understand before. The rule of law is not just some lawyers turn a phrase. It is the very foundation of our democracy. Mr Biden, emphasizing the Justice Department works for the American people, Not for him. You're listening to ABC News from California's Capital City. This is Sacramento's news 93.1. Hey, FBK. I'm John Byrne Iz a 302 with your top local stories. California funeral homes are being overwhelmed as covert surges, covert cases surge and the death toll rises. Bob Ackerman is the head of the California Funeral Directors Association and says no one could have prepared for the number of deaths now occurring anybody really expected, you know the volume of death that has occurred, I think more so again in Southern California. There are creatures vehicles in some hospital parking lot. There are funeral homes that have brought on additional capacity over and above what they added in the summer and they're still being overwhelmed. Ackerman adds. Local funeral homes must also Stay vigilant and safeguard staff because these front line workers are licensed trained professionals who can't easily be replaced. State health officials are issuing an updated travel advisory. The new advisory replaces the pre holiday one, which ask travelers coming into California to self isolate for 14 days. The California Department of Public Health now says those returning to the state should quarantine for 10 days. And Facebook is suspending President Trump's accounts indefinitely. CEO Mark Zuckerberg released a statement today saying they were extending the block on both his Facebook and Instagram accounts. This comes after multiple social media platforms locked his accounts yesterday amid riots at the U. S Capital. On Wednesday. Zuckerberg wrote that Trump was using social media to incite violent insurrection against a democratically elected government. Traffic.

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