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When you're in real estate in your showing property to somebody from California, they do not buy the farm. They get back to California and decide. That was a bad idea, but they actually bought the farm and great piece of history, and they purchase it, so I met them on their second day when Fon arrived in Tennessee. She was not thinking about selling whiskey. Let alone building a multi-million dollar distillery. She was thinking more along the lines of writing a book about near a screen, and still on her to do list, but a couple of things happened that. That changed her mind as she got to know. The people in the community like Sherry and members of the Green family, she kept hearing the same thing about making a whiskey with nearest name on it from Sherry. It was if I ever decided to honor nearest with a bottle. She would come out of retirement to make sure I got it right. And then learning, come out of retirement mint, which is, she's the best in the business. Okay, so that was in the back of fawns mind, and then, when she spoke to some of nearest descendants and I said what is that one thing you think should happen in order to honor? Nearest to honor your ancestor, and they said we think his name should be on a bottle. Then one day she went to see the movie hidden figures with a few of those family members I cannot do my work effectively if I do not have all of the data and all of the information as soon as available I need to be in that room. Hearing what you? If, you don't know the movie. It's based on the true story. Three African American, women who played key roles in the space program Fawn in the family loved the movie, and they saw parallels to the story of nearest green and his relationship with Jack. Daniel, but about three weeks later, when Fawn was thinking about the movie, and what people had been saying to her, it all connected. I realized I could not tell you the name of one person. person who was a hidden figure? I can tell you Octavia Spencer I could tell you John L. Monet to Raji P.. Hinson I could tell you who played the characters, but I could not actually tell you who the people were whose legacy that entire movie was built to tell, and that's when we realized hundred years from now nobody's going to near says name unless it's on a bottle with that realization. She decided to go into the Whiskey business. I she found a source of Tennessee whiskey. She thought good enough to bear the name uncle nearest then in July twenty seventeen, she launched the brand since then raised the money to finish building the new distillery, and has already started making whisky that will be sold once it finishes aging. It's almost as if the entire universe conspire to make sure this story was told, and for whatever reason I was chosen to tell the story I felt very operation, saying it that way, but that it's the only explanation that that I can give. It's also happening very fast already. She's selling three different whiskies. Let's facing. Eight eighty four is on your left, which includes leading tastings, the country and each time telling the story of uncle nearest gave for. That year is the last year that we actually have records near scrape already. The whiskies are sold in all fifty states, and in a dozen countries outside of the US and in the few years since uncle nearest was introduced, the whiskies have won multiple awards. We start off. Afterwards world's Best Tennessee whiskey most recently at the world whiskies award in New York and that goes to. Uncle nearest. On is also brought the green family into the whiskey business. In fact, the master blender that's the person who decides what the final whiskey will taste like Victoria Butler one of nearest descendants. Which one did you blend that eight, hundred eighty four? And why is it eighteen eighty four? That is the year that we believe near screen last with skin a barrel. Cheers. Cheers It's delicious. It's got a lot of sweetness to it. For sure the now. It's a little. It's a little bit Nettie. Little like butterscotch. It's better scotch that comes from the Oak. Victoria has been almost thirty one years working for the federal government before she retired. Thanks to find, she has a second unexpected career. Though perhaps it's not too surprising. Considering who her great great grandfather was whiskey villa is in my blood. and. Had it not been for this brand? Being launched a may have never tapped into that so I'm thrilled to be doing what I'm doing now to have. The honor of being the first African American female to be master blender of a major spirit is huge and so i. don't take that lightly, and so I'm loving and. Master blender Victoria Butler. Her office at the distillery is down the hall from Sherry more, the operations manager and across the hall is fawns. Who I might add is the first. African American woman to own and run a major spirit brand. Our brand is the first major spirit brand ever to be led by all women I think. When we calculated them, there were like ten I. There are things like me being the first, African American on the cover of major whisky magazine like these types of I. You would've thought happened before, but no apparently these are the years to to break all the records. Making history in twenty twenty, just like in eighteen, sixty six, when nearest green became Jack Daniels I master distiller, the First Avenue American board, and for that matter, the last one for a major brand to. Remember that photo of Jack Next, George Green one of the sons of nearest the photo that sent fond down the unexpected road of creating a whiskey to honor him. The photos on the wall of these photos are all our master distiller. On the wall at the Jack Daniel's distillery. This is where Mr Nathan. Nearest grease picture belongs to memorialize one near accomplished and honor the friendship between him and Jack when the continues to this day among the families, visitors can now learn how after emancipation nearest kept working for Jack how Jack hate him a fair wage based on his skill, and how things Vaughn's research? We know that nearest when from slavery to becoming the wealthiest African American in Lynchburg potentially wealthier than some of his white neighbors. It's a story that visitors Jack. Daniels excited to hear like Stacey. Levine Ivan Stefan Oh. Do you think it's important to tell his part of the story when telling the Jack Daniel's story as well? I think. This story is probably just as important, if not more important because he's the the one who who made it happen. Here's the capitalist, and so the fact that he is a former slave, just adds to the the greatness of the story I think it's a story whose time has really come again. Nelson Eddy. The historian at Jack Daniels out of this really divided time comes the story people working together in this small town in the south. That's really a remarkable story. It's one I think we can be proud of. And Jack, Daniels we'd like to think that whiskey brings people together. But actually it's people like Jack in years. That could bring brings together. In the four years since fallen I read about nearest green. Her impact has been far reaching for Jack Daniels. Yes, but even more for nearest green and his family that includes establishing a foundation which provides scholarships.

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