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Malibu house. A assumed that is nonperishable right now, not letting anybody in for the most part, we don't think. So you know, it is what it is. I just wanted all the animals and people to probably be out of that. Most importantly, these things that are burnt down should be replaced and all that. So does the first concern but other than that? No. We don't really know rich. Wow. So again one last thing. So you don't know as you, and I are talking right now if you're home still standing Kevin Garnett within the zone in which they speak of. No, I do not. Like, I said, everybody's safe and families and people and animals are out of there, which is most important the rest can be rebuilt. Yes. I do. I absolutely do. So, you know, obviously, my personal tragedy myself, but nothing when it comes to, you know, materialistic things or like things where it so much of an amass where starting on one side of of of LA highway this travel completely over a mountain range. Like, I'm just kinda just don't found her with the whole process of all of this. I never been to something like this. You know, my fingers crossed in my, you know, knocking on wood and all that stuff for you, and your neighbors and your family, and and thanking although, you know, the first responders who were more in the air for you K G R. I if you don't mind, let's go to the tour department here and talk a little bit of sports. What did you think of the Butler trade you think that's a good fit for Philadelphia? I taught Butler one thought silly one Ashley putting him with that John group of core of guys who I think Jimmy's issue at been day was I think the motor of Wiggins in the motor of towns and velocity in which they didn't play on the potential which they didn't. Or he felt like they didn't play up to you know, if you know anything about Jimmy means a real real gritty kid. He's a real hard nose through the wall kind of guy super intense. And that's what you love about him. I think do all this process the way you handle things. And then kind of not kind of really muscle. The timber wolves thirty really really took advantage of his his ability there. He did a lot for their. Lou Tom that he was there. But more importantly, he impacted them from a distance what you're going to do. And then today's game and any other parts, I don't think any of the superstars or any of the some of the leaders. We can remember no charge was very vocal Scottie Pippen could be very vocal before the most bar real leaders will handle things behind closed doors and close to where things really get handle. And that was the only thing that I did I saw I understand being in Minnesota be super frustrated with management not being able to push them. But. Should've kept that between now. But I think really definitely one Jimmy Butler with with the seventy Sixers, man. That's that's as the whole east over there that that's changed the whole dynamic of that. So how would you have handled it differently? If you were, you know, Glenn Taylor Minnesota management. Kevin. Well, I'll say this first off I'd have been transparent with him. Face to face in. You know, we'd have more of a a behind the scenes kinda thing going or whatever I would have tried to entrusting him. And that he had a. This is to me facist don't appear if he had this issue. They knew that he had this issue from day one and his expectation than going into these issues. I would've tried to nurture that right away. Right, right. From the Julia. I wouldn't have taken on that knowing mature investing. I think probably looked at the dynamic between him and oh to be a very promising one, which is very good..

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