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The money, Talk minute market updates, insights and what's impacting your money. The money talk minute dramatics wealth manager 3 20 traffic and weather. Let's get out to Debbie Logica. How's that Ride Rolling Deb? It's looking pretty good right now. He's found 94 17 minutes I was 16 and downtown westbound side is still looking. Okay. It's just starting to slow down to the little bit. Got that sunshine start to get into the act. It's eight minutes from downtown to the zoo. Another 12, then from the zoo to Highway 16 south on 41 highway. Q to the zoo's quiet, 15 minute ride there south on 43 brown the road to the mark. It'll be 12 with the North bound side from downtown to good Hope Road and eight minutes of looking good. And then on 43 94 south bound from downtown to Layton Avenue. We are at seven minutes with traffic and weather together on the tens. I'm Debbie Logica wtmj paella wi com Time Saver Traffic WTMJ five Day forecast Tonight Partly cloudy low 34 Tomorrow Partly cloudy high of 45 Check out Saturday now mostly sunny. They're saying 51. Yes. On Sunday still dry high of 48 on Monday windy, a little bit of snow activity just a little Ah, high of 32. It's currently 36 degrees. It's time for actors insight, jumping on the first Midwest Bank. My wine, It's the rock. Larry McCarron's Can you believe believe? Believe? Yes,.

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