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Electric motors has a sports package which adds lowered sports suspension progressive steering so altering the steering ratio according to the steering lock That you've got going on and the optional sports package builds on it. Further with adaptive dampers. Now know again. if you're watching this version what version. We're looking at onscreen. Whether this is where the optional optional sport package it looks nice. And i think the four is about sullivan is on sale around the world right now and that's all things considered price availability all those things. There's certainly other cars beat at this price point for one off things so you know there's a new front bumper. I can't tell that it's different. It's got some new fog lamps. It's got twenty inch. alloys scope matrix. Led headlights it's got dynamic indicators to paint finish go black roof inside there are similar accents as well and so underneath the skin of this more importantly you're asking what's the specs of this. Seventy seven kilowatt hour battery pack underneath the floor. That's the biggest battery pack late. Do for the the phone system cars charges one hundred twenty five kilowatts and i've seen it judging faster in those youtube videos that are out there estimated range a here we use a wwl t pizzas cycle. And it's two hundred ninety seven miles. That's seventeen less than the. Id full no cub whites. It's going to be chunky. Probably two thousand two hundred kilograms. Plus and when volkswagen drop this power turned into something like a coup pra..

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