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Created that we could have conducted this evacuation without confusions unrealistic. And expect this just to be the start of oversight hearings on this topic. Lawmakers say they still have questions about the ongoing humanitarian crisis and reports of human rights violations by the Taliban. For now, in Washington, Raquel Martin back to you. Four people have been arrested by the California Highway Patrol on suspicion of stealing nearly $2 million worth of retail products. Investigators with the CHP s organized retail crime unit say the goods were stolen from stores like T. J. Maxx, Marshalls, HomeGoods and what Were being stored at a mobile home in Midway City near Westminster. Officers also found more than $65,000 in cash at the home. The suspects were taken into custody last month after officers say they saw them committed theft. This is the second theft ring in Orange County, broken up by the CHP in the last six months. A real estate investor. Nicknamed the Homeless billionaire emerges the top bidder at the auction for the Hearst Estate in Beverly Hills, Nicholas Berg Ruin who is known for his jet setting lifestyle and lack of permanent address. Made the top bid of $63.1 million for the iconic property at a competitive bankruptcy auction. He beat out five other bidders in a heated auction at a downtown L. A courthouse. The winning bid is the most ever paid for a home at an auction previous record was set for an Italian inspired mansion in Beverly Park that sold for $51 million earlier this year. Did you get a chance to look at all the pictures as they were going? The one that stood out to me. The most that I loved was the wooden library. It was just like, what is it? You love a good wooden You like that Careful, wooden aesthetic. I do he does. He likes to do like like wood beams on the ceiling. You know, I know. I know that look is is quote dated. But I just think it's gorgeous. And I just love that look. Here is that I actually do prefer the big teams like kind of, you know, along the ceiling stuff, like adds a little character. I looked at that. I know exactly what room and I just looked at it and I'm like that's a lot of dusting, right? I mean, you think about these, but that's what happens. I think you should get older. You want less typically, you know, um And just but anyway Beautiful home. Chris, and that's about as close as you and I will ever get exactly just me just when we saw there on video. All right. Good morning, everybody. We're taking out to Huntington Beach. We get a great shot here. We'll see those clouds rolling in yesterday. Ginger and I kept commenting on our valley camera. You could actually see as the morning progressed those morning clouds just rolling in from the Pacific and eventually all the way up into the foothills and you couldn't even see the city lights below will do the same thing today. That was a quick look at your air quality. Good to moderate that's good starting to improve. We tend to get that when we get a strong offshore push, and you can see what's happening. I mentioned this quite a bit. This is a great map because the future wins usually tell us what we can expect for whether the arrows are.

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