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I'll review that next week but it's got a lot to live up to. This game has been delayed so many times. Even it was supposed to come out last month and then just about a week before it was gonna come out delayed again for a month. Scarlatti live up to. It also makes me worried when they delay a game a month a week before it's supposed to be released because like what is that. Why is that happening. Games games right. you can deliver them on digital platforms and stuff trail. It's not like you can say. Well we haven't got enough disk printed anymore because it doesn't matter anymore people can buy on the council so don't know makes me a bit dubious but we'll see next week. Cyberpunk twenty seventy seven. The which was a great game. So what's for dinner. What do you want. Impossible and the whopper. Hm then what you ask shall receive a put it in microwave a bit too long last week. Hey does anybody care it made. It made my bones sake warmer. When will care about that advice. This is cooking joe now. Everybody don't put the walker in the fridge for more than an michael. I don't put it in the fridge. Russell that they buy fast food in the fridge and then a later like all right. Ooh what if you get lettuce in catch up. I mean lettuce tomatoes and all that gas stop probably wouldn't get you was aiming to microwave later. Doesn't sound good to me. But i don't like food i'm not. I don't mind leftovers a very specific foods. But for some reason i've just never been a fan of like if it was like a packet of chicken nuggets or whatever. You definitely microwave them in the be all right. We don't eat chicken we're vegetarian..

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