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Thursday October seventeen David sanger good actually across from you in the studio it's good to see you down here so it's been a little more than a week since president trump is on the phone with Turkey's president reg type air to one and says if you want to conduct this big military Russian that you had been contemplating for awhile inside northern Syria I'm not going to stand in your way in fact I'm going to clear the way by removing some of the US troops there you've been tracking the aftermath of that phone call what has been your biggest takeaway I guess my biggest takeaway is sometimes the worst case scenario Correo is even worse than you can imagine and in this case there were a series of predictions by generals by ARN policy experts by Middle East experts by regional studies experts by diplomats by people surrounding the has the United States that if he removed the small force that was sitting on the border between Turkey and Syria that really bad things would happen it's going to destabilize the region once again it's going to reinvigorate a civil war and it's going to give strength to some of the most reactionary and chauvinistic forces in the region we will see everything from the release of Isis prisoners to humanitarian catastrophe it'll damage US relations with Turkey and it turns out those predictions were almost all right all this is playing out exactly as we predicted this was the predicted fallout after northern Syria or developing exactly as expected in this sort of worst case scenario for the US the only surprise so far has been they've happened much faster than we anticipate so let's talk about these predictions one by one where do you think we should start well how about with Russia the first prediction Michael was that if the United States disappeared from the border it would be very very good for Vladimir Putin and what it's turning out to be better than Putin could possibly imagine seem of today parts of Syria that the United States was in just a week ago suggests this week you saw some video surfaced on the web that appeared to be Russian soldiers walking around base that the United States had abandoned just a few the days ago that happens when you pull troops out but it certainly gives you a little bit of the chills when you see their country occupying space the United States had spent a lot of blood and frazier dot to take for its own so what's the back story of Russia's stake here in Syria and how this has helped them we will remember that back in twenty eleven during the Arab Spring Bazaar Assad the dictator who runs Syria was really on the ropes and we all thought he'd be gone but the Russians saw an opportunity after the collapse of the Soviet Union they had retrieved into the space that is now the Russian Federation and farmer Putin really wanted to see Russia begin to expand again and be a power at least in the Middle East he knew he couldn't compete with the US globally but he might be able to regionally and Syria was a great place for him to start because they already had a naval base the only Russian Navy will base that has survived outside of Russian territory on the Syrian coast so he provided more and more support Russia is now openly sending military aid to the Syrian government of Bashar Al Assad in two thousand fifteen the Russians swooped in Putin's deployed strike aircraft t ninety tanks howitzers are brought in all kinds of forces you'll remember that moment when Barack Obama's said good luck you know you'll get stuck in the Middle East the way we all have President Obama did last Friday afternoon good luck with that you will not have success in that part of the world and so suddenly once the Americans are gone it becomes an fraternity for the Russians to really establish a beachhead in the middle of something they really had not had since back in Nixon's here gives Putin the opportunity he needed and he didn't waste a second he moved his forces in right away he was clearly ready for the moment you have to think about global power struggles in the post Cold War era as a series of vacuums that someone's going to and for the Russians they're seeking opportunities to go into places where the United States seats field.

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