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And we don't even we're gonna we're gonna see that happen. I think you're gonna see opportunities for guys never got the face guys. I think pace of play will pick up. I think you'll see starting pitchers. Stay in the game a little bit longer. Because if the situation is I really really good max Scherzer going right now, but it's eighth inning. And a one one game. And I got Bryce Harper ondeck cool. I'm just gonna just be careful rice and pitching having pitch to the other guys because he's locked in against every ready today. I just think that'll happen. A little bit more. Along the line. And I think it's I think it's a good thing. Yeah, I'm sure there's gonna be some analytics person crunching the numbers saying somebody's much better facing three three pit three batters here and there, and it'll still be over analytics in a way, but I'm all for it. You know, and I don't mind pace of play. I don't mind it. But I do kinda mind, you know, one guy comes in for one batter pop up. Then another guy comes in righty. Lefty righty lefty, that's a little bit much. But other than that. I I don't understand that the the although I'm not privy to the research. Just the absolute fixation on time of games that seems to be going on right now. We'll that hurry things up in between innings that twenty five fewer seconds in national nationally televised games in between innings, five seconds and local games. It's all going to be now two minutes uniform period two minutes in between innings. No matter. It's on local or national TV's that an issue Ryan. No, I think people like you said the the phrase time of play I think that's baseball. There is no there is no clock. You can't keep time. That's the great part about baseball games. Never over until that last out until whoever makes that lasts out late in the game twenty seventh out or thirty fifth out whatever it ends up being that. You're you're making the bottom half of that inning of the top that anything I and I think it's pace of plays the issue. And I think it helps pay the play I think there's nothing better than when a pitcher. I remember this when you go up there, and you warm up and you're ready to go. And then you have to wait to come back from commercial will now listen, you don't get back in that flow and at the ball one ball to and then you're getting into rhythm. Okay. Here instead of a flow to the game in a pace to the game. And I think that's what they're trying to do. And I think you know, a lot of these rules are meant to help with that. And I think they will help with that. I think you know, the pitching changes. Sure, it may get knocked a minute or two, but it's more the idea of the pace like some days. I could go. Through berry bonds, Lance Berkman and Jim Edmonds, no problem and some days, I couldn't get through nephew Peres Craig counsel. And you know, the third string catcher remembers number. That's the reality. So I think pace of play will pick up because guys will have that opportunity to do that face a few hitters and the game will move. I think a little bit smoother. Well, you know, it would help the game move a little bit smoother or or better or more fascinating fashion. If that's the concern is a few more, singles, doubles, and triples here. It seems again, you're you're gonna walk doubles and triples. I hated the Homer the, you know, what I mean, I I'm sure as a pitcher. But again, the it's a walk strikeout or a home run. And in terms of a Walker strike out. You can have minutes on end at bats without a single ball put into play Ryan. And to me hammering at the shift is what would change things, and I've been hammering at this literally regular consumers of this show. No, I've been tilting at this windmill for quite some time. And I'm a little disappointed that the. The only way that I could see shift being affected will be after the twenty twenty season when this joint committee that was announced today between baseball and the players association to study other potential changes might spit something out. What is your take on the shift?.

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