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Great message that they can really, really take in and learn from those, the should be fun. Stay tuned for PGA championship update with Bob bumpkin seven minutes. Adam Kaufman, WBZ Boston's NewsRadio. It is one thirteen traffic and weather together. Starting with the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Kevin is on the volume heaviest Kevin. Well, the heaviest gotta be south of town here on that expressway. Southbound delays out of the tunnel most of the way down the Savon Hilliard again, down by furnace brook northbound slow up to furnace brook granite up through the Poncet, and then against Savon hill, most of the way up to the O'neil tunnel from an earlier crash now, route three southbound heavy at Braintree union street down into Rockland with that lane closure, one twenty eight twenty four ninety five or okay, route six eastbound cruise between exit six and seven down in barnstable scotch you back over two miles, ninety three southbound you've got a crash, route sixteen here in Medford. That's got slowdowns there northbound you've got a curiosity delays back to assembly square. And then on the brakes again approaching one twenty eight one twenty eight north delays through that Waltham and Lexington stretch. And then one more time route thirty eight getting up past ninety three out to the west, the mass pike hung up through that to ninety inner change in. Auburn. This report sponsored by Home Depot. The Home Depot is hiring near you for sales associates overnight stocking. Join their team apply today at careers dot homedepot dot com. That's careers dot homedepot dot com. The Home Depot is an equal opportunity, male female veteran disabled employer. Kevin Brennan WBZ's traffic on the threes. Fifty seven degrees in Boston, mostly cloudy right now. Very windy. Light rain showers as well. Still looking pretty cloudy tonight. We're headed down to fifty four the weakness looking, awesome,.

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