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The show suggestions for the show anything eight five five two hundred seventeen seventy six with that in your speed dial and the also if you see something say something if somebody's doing something great there demonstrating that buffalo spirit they're going into the storm like the buffalo does what the demon voices petroleum does law enforcement officers educators in your community elected leaders first responders whoever celebrated tell us something about them so we can give them an Atta boy hi Jim the F. like poor guy is here we're gonna talk before we let him go about next year's new things you have planned I spoke to thinking about Christmas gift giving I think this is a fabulous idea because you can just put it in the little card any good say you get a fly ball from Jim the flight book or you get you know of the flag service you already have a flag pole but you want to have a you know that flag maintain properly and take care of whatever it is so tell us what would be some good gift giving ideas to think about for folks in the flag pole geyser I cannot hear you to our third their loved ones we offer a gift basket it has a flag in it didn't it has patriotic goodies inside of it we wrap it up and they can put it under the tree and it's always a nice gift I'm also if they have flags you can borrow flag pole already using prior flags and please email German and the flag pole guy and we can or get your fly all orders it also has large flags we are full her Armstrong on very productive and economically able to take a gently used flag that starting the rip on the fly in and were able to Helena and resell it and put it back in service furthering the light black no really kind of proud of the way our flags up turned out better than ever in we help three thirty by sixty from Peter plug in there we're gonna work on tomorrow where will own spread the blackout inspected and then cut it square in retirement and will have anything really it's part of it is the most productive to economical anything around the six by ten in the vault that's where you start saving money on flood repairs flag maintenance at something real quick my uncle bill quote more research it on our family name and it turns out we were one of those first few hundred families that come across there's a our country began and we actually this war what's settled in many different areas in New York in when New York was called New Amsterdam and our name actually all we had a famous opera singer Gladys Florida we also had the inventor of the waffle iron so no Dudley they celebrated the first original things giving and it's awesome to think that your family name has been around long enough to start a country the most beautiful country in the world and how ironic is it that I didn't know all that became the flag pole guy and right actually no not now that I know that your your relatives you know invented the waffle iron I'm not surprised is that true that's a very important piece of American breakfast for generations now and and then here we have a a gym the flight poor guy put up like pulls all over into let's think about this there's a great gift this is really a great guy it it it isn't even you know when you get mom and dad after all those years right what what happened you know a beautiful let up awesome flag on the on the farmer at the house or whatever it's great and the flag pole guide dot com is where you find the gym wearing call but seven oh one five seven one flag seminal one five seven one flag thank you Jim have a great thanksgiving thank you Scott happy thanksgiving you have because he's given to the listeners god bless you all and god bless you have a good day you as well on this thanksgiving day addition of what's on your mind special edition of the a program we are celebrating a few of my favorite things that I'm thankful for I'm thankful that we are going to be home in North Dakota to a Theodore Roosevelt presidential library to tell us more about this effort is it okay if the C. E. O. ed thanks for joining the summer I'm doing well Scott good to be with you good to have you on the program I I want to start with them a little reset it I know we've talked about this before in the air but I don't think people can hear it enough because presidential libraries are not something that we've seen before in North Dakota this is the first there are a handful of them around the country but I think people your library in them that they think books but it's it's it's so much more so would you describe what a presidential library apparatus is I would be happy to Scott and first let me say happy thanksgiving to you to your family and everyone out there listening today happy thanksgiving I should begin as governor bergamot often does with gratitude AB gratitude for the opportunity to speak with you here today about such an important project to North Dakota still a presidential library in a lot of cases is and has been since about nineteen forty the home of the archives of a president it is an opportunity for a president after he is out of office to shape his legacy to tell a story about the years that he had an office and that system didn't actually start Intel Franklin Roosevelt Herbert Hoover did eventually have a library but the first presidential library constructed was STR and there are thirteen official presidential libraries basically moving from Herbert Hoover forward to the now being constructed Obama presidential library but if he had or Roosevelt presidential library will not be like those presidential library one of the first major point of differentiation is that we don't have that President Roosevelt archives we are not a part of the National Archives system we will have a great actually Asian with them but we are not responsible for the presidential papers of Theodore Roosevelt that actually is an exciting opportunity most museums are eighty percent permanent exhibition space and twenty percent rotating exhibitions break we have the opportunity to flip that to invert it to make this library and experience something that you can come to and actually be immersed in the story BR Roosevelt's life obviously the badlands work critical point for theater Roosevelt I I like to call it the fulcrum of the hero's journey into yards incredible life he came to the badlands in eighteen eighty three first to hunt buffalo and then in eighteen eighty four he came back after the death of his wife and mother on the same day in the same house and he spent the larger part of two years in North Dakota as a rancher he had a cattle ranch and he was recovering he was thinking about the loss of his wife and his mother prior to that the loss of his father six years earlier so essentially some of his closest family was was all gone within a very short time in North Dakota allowed him to live with the land to live with nature to restore and recover to prove himself worthy of what he would later.

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