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The free app and start. Bitcoin at your business visit any pay axs dot com again. Any pay axs dot com. We've been talking about this bit from. Abc news where. Apparently they're putting a pause usc net paws for those of you. Spelling challenged on the johnson and johnson vaccine do to apparently six people developing some sort of a rare type of a blood clot now. We're speculating that it's weird that they're doing this because i read all the time about. Oh such-and-such reaction to the pfizer. Such and such right action to the maderno or several people have or we've seen this consistent across this kind of thing and like they haven't put a pause on any of those so i find it interesting one wonders. Why yeah and of course. This article doesn't give us any real insight into the answer to that question. But if you have the answer six oh three two eight. Three six one. Six zero The article continues a a recommendation. Not a mandate dr. Peter marks the director of the fda's center for biologics sorry biologics evaluation and research. He said on the briefing call. Americans should talk to their healthcare providers about their pre right. I wanted to comment on that. Americans should talk to their healthcare providers about their personal situation. This might be the first time. I've seen the sentence uttered since the dawn of covid. It's been my position the entire time. You shouldn't be taking a vaccine just to take a vaccine. You shouldn't be lining up thinking it's the holy grail. You should be consulting your physician going. Hey doc do you think is right for me kind of thing and you should be having that conversation with your primary healthcare provider. Yeah i can see why people over the age of sixty five or whatever doing it honestly. I believe we should have a long basically had people under the age of sixty five working age dolts adopting an old person and just going about their lives. Almost the at this point they do not have one single documented case of somebody getting covid from a surface contact. So you can. You could drop off groceries at people's houses could've done all these things. I was recommending this months and months and months ago i was here so you know. What are you gonna do. I mean you know. Nobody wants to listen. Dr fauci says he's not gonna do anything this summer even if he's got the vaccine back into simba it's crazy. I believe it's pronounced factory. Dr fascia i appreciate them saying this. Because in essence i mean if you hired a doctor i hope you trust them and i hope you had the right doctor. If they're telling you to consult your physician. I hope made the right choice at this point. I've had covid nineteen. And i can't you know sitting here on the other side of it. I don't know what to say other than i'm really glad. I lost almost twenty pounds. Congratulations yeah i. It's the only way i could do. It apparently does this mean. At least you. And i mark. We live in a post covid society. We do now. Yeah they're gonna add cova to the food pyramid so dr marks also said at this time. It's not clear that there's any connection with women taking birth control so apparently that means there's been some speculation as to whether or not yes. There's there's questions. Correlation between these blood clots women taking birth control. The cdc and the fda said that they are currently reviewing data involving these six cases all which occurred amongst women between the ages of eighteen and forty eight where symptoms occurred between six to thirteen days after they were vaccinated with the johnson and johnson vaccine. I see a lot of people getting off their birth control just because they're massacres in jaber's and there's going to be a lot more pregnancies because of this because they had to get their vaccine but they had to get off the birth control. I so it's women who are taking birth control who have gotten these blood clots between eighteen and four. Well there's some speculation. Okay in these men. Then and rice stopped giving out the johnson johnson vaccine to half of the population. Because the other half has a problem with this seems to be the case. In these cases the type of blood clot a type of blood. Clots called cerebral venus a sinus thrombosis. Cvs t was seen in combination with low levels of blood platelets. The statement read k. Treatment of this specific type of blood clot is different from treatment. That might typically be administered. Usually an anticoagulant drug called heparin is used to treat blood clots in this setting administration of heparin may be dangerous and alternative treatments need to be given. They don't say why it may be dangerous. People who have received the j vaccine who developed severe headache then again people who have received the john. Jay vaccine who developed severe headache abdominal pain leg pain or shortness of breath within three weeks after vaccination should contact their healthcare provider. Healthcare providers are asked to report adverse events to the vaccine adverse event reporting system. The statement said the blood thinners can be dangerous to take on in themselves. So that's probably why they're saying that right now. I'd like to stress. These events appear to be extremely rare. Woodcock said less than one in a million however covid nineteen vaccine. Safety is a top priority for the federal government. And we take all reports of adverse events following vaccinations very seriously. Fda leadership the best thing to happen to covert in moderna in the last week. I mean everybody. Wanted the vaccine. The johnson johnson vaccine. Because it's one and done and it was a more traditional vaccine right. i still don't understand the gyrations for three different varieties. There's more than three. By the way i just happened to be three in the us Right for something that you have a ninety nine percent chance of recovering from all vaccines are going to do anyway. Is help your personal. Immune system combat thing the vaccines themselves. Don't combat the thing. Now they don't they're not.

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