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Well, the one bit of news from the weekend that you can be excited about is that they announced they're taking a hiatus from Star Wars films. They're not gonna they're not they have no concrete plans to make another movie after episode Nile. They are making three to seven television series. But does that include like, the the potential Boba fat and those ones as well? Right. I think the thing is way back Bernard since they're making the Mandal oriented areas, which is a different Boba fett is is Amanda Lorient. So there's a different Mandal orien-. So he looks like Boba fett, but it's a different guy. That'll be a TV show that Jon Favreau is producing. I did see that. Maybe it was out of context. But Mark Hamill said something about he feels that there's a little bit of Star Wars burnout. Yeah. Did he say I agree with them? I I think that's what hurts solo more than anything. Is that people were just like I enjoyed solo to me too. But it was like too much Star Wars. You robbed us all of the of the opportunity to be excited about that. Because it was four months after a really humongous crazy Star Wars movie that that took a long time for people to process and digest allegory with all that I'll agree with that. I'll outgrew with Mark Hamill lentil, tell him to his face if I ever made them. No he lives on that island. Now, always out there a bunch of ports. I'll shake his hand. Then if I ever meet him. He's the new the didn't lose his hands. Chucky what he's Chucky in the neutrons blades. Always. Hey, speaking of which I guarantee my advice and went to see a hotel Mumbai. Yeah. Loved it. It's what we were talking about this. It's hard to say that because it's brutal. It's brutal. And it's true. But it's a damn good thriller. It is one of the best made thrillers since ages like you are you're tends to whole time. And then you have to you have to remind yourself with this is real this happened. And you know, these people are heroes and the. There's other people that died. Also, our heroes that tried to officers assholes as well involved. But. It's a real if it was if it was diehard seven, and it wasn't based on hotel, but you would go. This is the greatest die hard like. Wow. Right. Yeah. So they made it like kind of like a Hollywood style thing. So it's real. Yeah. That's a really good job. Yeah. Very good. Yeah. Well written well acted..

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