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Been for most teams. That's been very difficult positive. Few scouts Especially in the during the american hockey games when when when belleville is in ottawa and and the biggest complaint goats had wouldn't when they weren't watching the games live with the camera angles of the video and and looking what players do without the puck right and And and body language and these types of things that that veterans scouts key in on So this is very difficult and You know i. It's challenging and and and having worked with Just recently in the shooting session with with graham and brand clark who who Went over to. Brad slava to play Just because the ontario hockey league was shut down and That's a big disadvantage for the kids in ontario With the other two weeks in in the canadian hockey league were going on and they got some part of the scheduling and got a little more exposure ontario kids. That's a great point about you know just when you're watching and scouting on tv how much of the actual play the you miss. I think about it from a broadcast perspective as well like. Did you do any games where you had to call it off of tv. Because i'd imagine that would be pretty damn tricky. Now we did it. We did a couple and that is the one hundred percent correct because when you're watching it live and it's so much easier to watch as everyone knows from way up top but you can really see we've got the hockey sense to make that extra pass or who's got that vision In hockey sense really kicks in So it's an interesting point and Much easier to do the game live and much more comfortable. Yeah i would imagine so. I mean anything else. Grabby from the nhl draft not necessarily the senators. Certainly a lot of people were reacting to that. Logan may use election by the montreal. Canadians any thoughts on on that particular selection or anything else that grabbed you from the weekend in the nhl draft. We are just just not so much that selection because it only takes one team and And sure enough. it was montreal. And a lot of these teams will balk at it and And obviously he made a mistake Can't you can't cover that up but all it takes is one team. So it's not a surprise he was. He was selected I just think that the player movement going around the league Is going to be fast and furious yours as as Even even as we push towards torch free agency and we'll see how fast these dominos fall and even secondary guy That that's really fascinating for me. How much he's going to get paid as a guy like zakheim who's Who's who's very good Nhl player but it is simply going to get in a bidding war ear. And you're gonna get overpaid. So i that fascinating part of the game and the The extension of the draft in the free agency in the traits. Yeah the trades are well. That's sort of for me anyway. That's top of mind. Because i'm really amazed at what happened with marc andre. Fleury and vegas today. Marc andre fleury was traded to the chicago blackhawks. And it's a clear salary dump but as we're learning according to alan walsh. According to lots of reports that flurry found out on twitter..

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