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Jordan because the ice the fight when you with some on you ryan is constantly distracted by the environment what's happening ranjit with a montaza when somebody's aaron scott coal you are flake asean completely on every day tower that person sliced you're not looking away at a window anywhere else your fight missing you'll see more things on the scott covice advice then you will in a real lock whole because in real lakhal your distracted by what's have in the environment tell us about the compliment trick i think this is an interesting practical but i also want to deconstruct it a little afterwards actual one of these about hind complements a compliment as you michigan be one of three things you can complement person that the idea as things or their iran's which is something that might be wearing the power the environment or the possession something that they might iron a watch repairs juryo motown saw and one of the things that are sorted wrought this would in no way a long time but as a british study on people who complement others that showed that when you complements somebody when i think back to you several by up by the backed you as total loss sanaa and more attractive now the reason that the eu's tool the more attractive dinners because when you make a poster would iin the compliment i remember you more glowing terms which is toll leaner more attracted saifur rahman gang at a dot butler the pie limits as it was the compliment technically america's most people would die now headed by combat and if they do pi when it's nolan something physical for example or jordan i love utah now look at that was true somebody should ally luggage offer to try it because he was a sake i'll go with us i ought targets are using us not whereby there is a side developed a simple technical buying since cecodhas skill and is a technique and unique practice in practice practice what will you deliver these compliments nobody xe he's doing it consciously but the something about your jordan nice stock lock kasai in honour noted by and i love that guy when a randy my fuelwood that's ekushey caper dropping in complements bet there appears niger positions.

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