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And then it to me sweeter slav this sweden the this why when you do that for the first time and that was new magazine articles and things such as the mcbride high school ring dance officiated but the school's chaplain father george shearer that was up north kings highway county credit corner across from park more and bladder blocked from radio park oh and also in magazine they were advertising arthur enterprises student id movie card cost you one dollar for a year but you could use that card and save up to thirty five cents anytime you would visit the arthur family of theaters who've embassador the fox saint louis avalon the pageant the pageant of today but the old pageant the shady oak tivoli granada real maplewood tower the wellstone their crest the high point the shanidar and in granite city to washington well here's yet another route sixty six one hit wonder taking us again to nineteen sixty when would you'd find ads and prom for the boroughs office machines training center at thirty four oh eight lindahl couple of blocks easter graham and the headline of those ads or boroughs read attention girls plan your future for a well paid job after graduation learn how to use a burroughs adding machine they invited you to contact them for the free boroughs booklet your dreams will come true well wait present for your emeals meant edification and entertainment the hollywood argyle's with a cartoon song a number one jazz a man in the funny papers we all know way back a long time ago nothing but a big cats well this cat's name is got us that's a genuine wine donna ow and he cannot go your head before you count who fao got a big ugly club and how big alive grizzly bear toughest man there is alive close from wildcats the king of the jungle jazz the jungle karen limbs off of trees great big mazdas dead on their knees the cats don't bug him they know better i mean man don't get the tapa slander his lie wholesome allow cats the king of the jungle.

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