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Still have to pay the taxes is also hanging in the balance lawmakers could still get something else past this extra session can last until july twenty senator maria cantwell has agreed to hold three open meetings in in seattle this week the first will take place tonight at the university of washington with paul ramsey the ceo of harborview and the dean of the university of washington school of medicine cancels town halls come after several months of pressure from the liberal activist group seattle indivisible which opposes the trump administration back in april that group held a demonstration outside the cia eto federal courthouse in opposition to supreme court justice neil gorsuch as confirmation has now she would tell him after gorsuch pretty quickly thank you and thanks your voice well she well as well as met weekly with the senator staff unused calls emails and social media to pressure her to finally agreed to these open town halls senator murray as declined to hold open town hall meetings taking criticism for preselected audiences for her events republicans have also come under fire for not hosting town halls congressman dave reichert says they end up being dominated by shouting activists on interested in civil conversations carleen johnson komo news komo news time seven thirty three fire spread from one home to another riddled renton this morning it happened there one hundred fifty seven southeast and south east one hundred sixty eight st dave nelson with a skyway fire department says fireworks were placed in a recycling bin and they had not been fully extinguished that's what started the blaze and he says this is fairly common review have people that have just nine why properly extinguished all their fireworks dumping waza water fireworks unit he think that there are still high the give it a little touch of is still hotter and i therefore netanyahu more water on it and not a problem about drowning agar fireworks of the.

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