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In the area. Thirty-seven-year-old Lewis Barnes was allegedly selling drugs on the premises. Barnes, a registered sex offender is now facing charges of second degree murder and attempted second degree murder Louisiana has garnered the dubious distinction of being one of the most sinful states in the country. In fact, Dogra wwl's down aim says are bad behavior has this. As number six. That's according to a report by wallethub, which compared the fifty states across forty three key indicators of morality direct at the seven deadly sins here. Some definitely more serious than others Louisiana ranked six two overall wanted how badly Gonzales says Louisiana's top three cents include lust, excesses and vices the excesses. Advices category. Includes gluttony, obesity and fast food establishments per capita. As for lust Louisiana comes in at number five for the highest average time spent on adult entertainment sites, the four day workweek, aired spin the holy grail of the business world. Now from New Zealand comes evidence that working twenty percent fewer days can lead to a twenty percent boost in productivity more from WW wells, Chris Miller business, professor Mark Rosa says workers probably have no trouble seeing the upside of a four day workweek. We all realize what the benefit of of a fifty percent increase of a weekend would be a larger New Zealand financial firm went to a.

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