Daniel Horowitz Describes ‘The Rise of the Fourth Reich’


Daniel Horowitz is here author of a new book that is very subtly titled. Not exactly getting to the point. The rise of the fourth Reich confronting COVID fascism with the, with a new Nuremberg trial, so this never happens again, Daniel Horowitz. Daniel, I want to get to your book, but let me just ask you a question. You're Jewish. That's a big claim to say that this is the rise of the fourth Reich. It's a very big claim. And I want to get into it, but I think given the week we live in. That's what I really want to do. I think everyone understands what that means. And I want to be very specific. It's not just about a severity of evil. It's very technical in what they're doing, who's doing it, and how they're doing it. But I mean, more broadly, look, Charlie, when it comes to the FBI raid and I think kind of forgotten, but just a significant the seizure of congressman Scott Perry's phone, this is not a matter of a red line crossed by the bad guys. Because as I lay out in my book, that was crossed March 2020. Okay, and somehow the conservative movement slept through the last two and a half years, which is bizarre. I mean, COVID fascism, January 6th, and then Ukraine, that was all part of it. But this is more an IQ test whether we have crossed our own line. It's an IQ test for the conservative movement. Will this finally motivate us to change our strategy and what we do politically?

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