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Listening to the Dan Patrick show on Fox Sports radio. It's our one on this Thursday, Dan and the dannett, Stan Patrick show, seat on the road somewhere in the heartland of America, with the French kid, and the sprinter van. He'll check in with us coming up in a little bit. Mark Sanchez, former NFL quarterback, now working for Fox Sports. We'll join us a little bit later on. And Sally Field two time Academy Award winning actress will join us. She's in the yes, she's in the movie. 80 for Brady. She's in there with Lily Tomlin. She's in there with Jane Fonda and Rita Moreno. If somebody would have said a month ago, hey, I'm really going to look forward to you talking to Sally Field. Now she's been in a lot of movies. A lot of blockbusters. Very famous. She's been famous since the mid 60s when I had a crush on her when she was oh. Yeah. She was gidget and then she was the flying nun. But she's been in a lot of big movies. Forrest Gump, she was miss doubtfire. Steel magnolias? Steel magnolias? Yeah. Quite a quite a resume for Sally Field, but she's in this movie about Tom Brady, and we'll get an opportunity to talk to her a little bit later on today. What time? That would be great if you were on a church football team and that was your nickname, the flying nun, wouldn't that be awesome? My off to a bad start already? If we're two minutes and 25 seconds in, don't be a buzzkill. Sally the flying nun field at point guard. Yeah, pulling. I still can't believe we're having Sally Field. There's just certain people that you don't think there's any way we have them on, whether they would choose to join us or we'd have a reason to ask them. And she's in a sports movie that's coincidentally around Brady's retirement. Perfect. Yeah, she was offered to us. I thought, yeah, sure. Sally wanted to join us. I don't know how big a sports fan she is. I know she's a Dodger fan, but she'll join us coming up a little bit later on today. Stat of the day brought to you by panini America, the official trading cards of the Dan Patrick show. If you'd like to be in touch with the show, you can in a variety of ways. You can email tweets, you can dial it up. All the above, operator Tyler standing by to take your phone calls, got a play of the day, poll question, and of course, if you stat to the day coming up, fritzi will be doing the honors of the poll question since Satan is on the road and what offering do you have? We've got a few of them starting with. If you're in relatively good health, will you still attend sporting events at the age of 80 off the 80 for Brady movie? You bet, I'm there, or, oh, my aching back. No thanks. How about just yes or no? I think it's fun to dress it up a little bit the choices. SN knows boring. True or false. I don't know for having fun with these. Really? I'm having a grand old time back here. Okay, what else? At the age of 80, are you going to still go to swimming? Okay, which sounds more appealing. A free ticket for the worst seat in the house at the Super Bowl or watch the Super Bowl in a hotel suite with Sally Field Jane Fonda Lily Tomlin and Rita Moreno. Oh, I'd rather be in a hotel room with the women. That's a great call by you. Are you kidding me? Yeah, it'd be fun. Get some drinks there. The AAR people. They start to dish a little bit on things, you know? Give me a little gossip there would be nice. Anything else Todd? I'd rather have one Academy Award for best actor to Academy Awards for supporting. Now that's a better question because Sally Field has, by the way, there's no S at the end. It's Sally Field, and she has two Academy Awards. I honestly thought it was Sally Field. I think I thought it was Sally Field if you were to quiz me. Yeah. But I didn't pick up the phone. Yeah. Hi, miss fields. How are you? Yes, Marvin. You have something to offer? No, I would just want to take into. That was just an easy answer. Yes. Oh, you just put up two. Yeah. Two time Academy Award winner. They don't put it's just two time Academy Award winner. When you're on the poster for your next blockbuster, I showcase cinema or whatever movie theater. It's two time Academy Award winner. Okay. But that one time it was for the best actor. Do I want the best actor instead of, well, you were supporting actor. People really aren't going to remember like that though. I think she won for best actress in hooper with Burt Reynolds. No. Or smokey and the bandit? Yeah, I didn't even mention the smokey and the bandit movies there. With the Sally Field. But I think she won the best actress, not best supporting actors. Yes. You could win best actor man or woman and kind of not get lucky but have that one moment and it never happens again. Like your career goes elsewhere. But if you get two best supporting actors, that means you probably are legit. More legit and more bigger career. But is it like winning two super bowls? For a quarterback, if you win two super bowls, now it puts you on a different platform. Would it be comparable to winning a Super Bowl as the quarterback and winning Super Bowl MVP or having two regular season MVPs? Two regular season MVPs probably gets you in the Hall of Fame. Yeah, more so than a Super Bowl MVP. One, yeah. Yeah. All right, 8 7 7 3D show email address DP damn Patrick dot com. Twitter handle at DP shell. This program brought to you by the great folks at legacy box safest way to digitally preserve the moments for generation. We all have those great athletic achievements that we have them in pictures or VHS or movies. Well, you want to make sure that you don't lose them. Legacy box will take care of them and you'll be able to share them with generations and generations and generations. Visit legacy box dot com slash Patrick, legacy box dot com slash magic. So we hear from seat O'Connor a little bit later on on the road. As far as the Brady coverage yesterday, you're probably braided out here, but there are a lot of people yesterday that I either heard from or I read or listened to. And they're not buying into Tom is officially retired. And I get it because of what happened last year, but also can Tom withstand the urge in July. When all of a sudden, the niners realized Brock purdy is not going to be back for 9 months instead of 6 months. And then they reach out to Tom. Because that's when it hits you. It's certain times of the year where you're supposed to be at camp. You've been at camp for 23 years. And then go back to even before that with college, four more years. So you got about 27 years where he knows that feeling, what it's like. And then go back to even high school. So now you have what 30 years of knowing that feeling of that time of the year, July, August, is he going to be prepping to be a broadcaster? When does that start? And the teams are going to, there's going to be teams that will reach out. If you get an injury, let's say a team has a quarterback who's not ready to play. Maybe San Francisco. Then what happens? Or somebody gets injured early in the season. Can Trump fight that urge? And I think until the season starts and Tom's in a broadcast booth or whatever he's doing, there'll be a lot of people who will be skeptical about this. We're going to check in with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Rick Stroud, who has been great. Rick said, is this the last time you're ever going to call me? And I said, yeah, it could be. I'm sorry, Rick. You've done a great job. And he's been there with us the entire time with Brady news, Buccaneers news. The highs and the lows, and we thought we'd have him on to kind of put a bow on this. Where does Tampa go with this? What are they going to do as far as quarterback goes? Do they have their coach? I mean, there's still a lot of questions here. And that's a division that is winnable.

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