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One of my feminists valentine the morning eight six six five four four by that i think we had a winner rebels verdict but when a funny honest man you guys have a lot of bad kids out there well that really i mean that move the bruin holding he said any sort of punishment and what qaeda's excited to wash dishes i know that was so tough eight a friend of mine texting in her kids trying to think of something because he's like i never really do anything bad she's like oh yeah whatever he's now making stuff up so he could call they pretend he's in trouble ford but as the here's the thing you think he's making it up but he's gauging your response to it came clean how upset would you be what are you say gauging kid uh he's after a couple can say hi to today the willing brothers and two girls name brooke in chloe and the willing brothers will no that's all about what's up folks so forty five is one of four three my famous vowed to the morning we do have the battle of the sexes coming up janice jackson the hollywood bowl i can't wait for the show because i remember seeing her tour years and years ago and she is amazing thing in live dancing and especially being at the hollywood both for this incredible the one saw the one so that china does if you have to pick one jill that you can go runaway okay kabir one song for janet jackson view nasty okay he in hot hollywood gaza stranger things start millie bobby brown has an incredible.

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