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I'm not. This isn't this. Isn't it using your? Interest trying to clarify. I won't be lying. Someone also sending that multiplicity for for Keaton. Six different character he. Knew the name. A recent water right for this one is on me because I said soil. Yeah Nice I'm glad you brought this not dead. Soil is is. I'M GONNA. Argue someone who you go I'll read. It slowly was a living. Thing is very slow moving changing and growing all the time. No it's not. I don't care what Google says. A lot that has kids, and the only reason it's move is because of the Moon and the moon cycles nab the water and the earthquakes. Monitoring either make the argument because of tectonic plates organic based their Carbon Bay so it's an organic. Come on I know you. Can See weeds alive. Yeah! It's a plant. This is dirt started. Stir NEP dirt's alive. It's the circle of La. Dirt was alive wasn't tremors, and that actually wasn't the dirt it was the. Pilot dirt. That's alive in this room, is you? You Fuck and bag of disgusting, just terrible terrible filth. I tell you that as a matter of conflict, because dirt all over the world and people look. Next you. someone sent us in Zito bodybags. The expression the other day. is not used for yesterday. Obviously, generally it means anything from three days to about two weeks ago, which I believe that the rules that we were playing under the. Section as though it could also refer to times further in the past. Shuki piece of Shit. For saying two to three years further in the past. Past baby, it's. Three days to two weeks. How do they that? How do they make that because it just? It just makes sense fucked that who who's this? In leader. VINCI MR the other day. This is bullshit,.

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