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I i just knew like yeah like 'cause sometimes i would go to debbie shows at that point i'd be in the crowd i would i would like it at first but then there was something inside of me that's just like i try this right like i don't wanna live in regret like i want to be in that ring and so i started training paid fifty bucks for my tryout and pro wrestling tryout that one at least was i just got eat up for a couple of hours and if you're into that you come back i came back twice a week and kept getting beat up and eventually jt we all sucked all the students at signed up we were terrible yeah i sucked i suck for a long time but like i specially sucked then and he got frustrating didn't want to train us anymore but johnny he'd been training for like he was only about a year ahead of me right still advanced for his time wrestling at that time this lose june of two thousand six he'd already wrestled guys like alex shelley nigel mcguinness am dog josh prohibition so like he's wrestling all these dudes and getting all these experience and he's only been wrestling a year but he was in no position to train right so and he'll he'll tell you that so kind it was kind of like me and johnny we became close because we lived in the same neighborhood and in a lotta ways we're teaching each other and johnny really motivated and dry drove me to just be better in the ring and beat better as a physically you know what i mean because i always i started bodybuilding when i was like sixteen but like seeing janis drive and how he'd be come over he had to wait bench upstairs let's the flights man and i was like all right let's do it you know he pushed me to be better and just huge motivator huge inspiration a lot of ways lifting weights you kind of invented a weightlifter system for yourself because of your disability yeah like i'm like normal stuff benchpress i mean dead left i mean stuff like that how did you go about inventing this system for your several what does it comprised of in many ways i lift to sending like anyone else but when i like bench press because you know my right arm is fully functional and sometimes it's hard for my fingers to grip across the bar and everything i have to take my left hand and almost mold my fingers to the bar and then i'll have a death grip once its lack there and i kind of off center my leg left hand so that way if for some reason my right arm goes out i can i can save my ass right so that's the most unique thing i think it do other than that it's like i just use a lifting strap and like really changed the game for me because sometimes if i'm using dumbbells i'm trying to do shoulder shrugs or something my hand will just come open you know because cerebral palsy a neurological disorder so my brain just does whatever it wants to sometimes and i mean it really helped me just walking onto the to the weights and helps me finish a lot of my exercises so other than that i feel like i work out just like anybody else actually i have a buddy who helped me so much in the past two or three years he's got this place fit legit cl training up in northwestern ohio and good guy vince in like he just helped me change my diet helped me do a lot of strength and conditioning stuff so i started incorporating box hops and upper bees and all that stuff and just he's just a huge motivator and like man there should be a lot more dudes in that jim because it's pretty amazing guys do the box jumps and women to karl schmidt stuff and all the burpee burgers minutes bad as hard exercise you think i should watch somebody do anything no big deal a bullshit oh no read about ten of them for me and it just ten yeah i want to wipe my ass out for sure nutrition you said you change your diet or have i'm like how strict.

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