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It was something that certainly I'll always remember promise NY. And as I said earlier, Gary Cohn said all the right things at the right time and let the picture and the moment speak for itself. It wasn't really anything. He had to say other than just filling in a few blanks as he came from the dugout to the on deck circle to the batter's box. And David writes, number five in your program, number one in your heart. The captain of the New York metropolitan. It's all of a sudden didn't it seem like city morgue became city field. And there was all these metropolitan fans remembering one was better than this season. Remembering when David Wright was healthy when David Wright with the glove and with the bad was somebody that turned out to be as popular as any metropolitan in their history. And the bottom line is David Wright, we'll end is career later today. Maybe he gets to play a little bit on Sunday. We'll see. But he's starting of course, as everyone knows later on today Saturday with Jose Reyes to his left. It'll be probably his last time not only would David Wright. But last season with the New York Mets, but David Wright ended up. A winner. Yes. He did. He beat the unbeatable for this moment of few hours ago and the moments to come later on today he won and be the unbeatable. He beat father time. He beat mother nature. And beat the odds. After all that he has been through. He won David Reid. If you're listening. One. Beat the beatable to comeback against all the odds against mother nature. Put off father time put off you beat them to to make it back as a pinch hitter on a Friday night. No, one more forget if they were there and later on today, the hottest tickets donnas pod. Tickets to get and there aren't any left sold down. Nobody is surprise later on tonight. Once again, it's city field. In flushing? Tony is calling from rocklin. Antonio you're on the fan in New York City. What's happening? Tony. I haven't talked to you in a long time. And most important I wanted to talk with you because I love you the greatest. Welcome back. I'm glad I I'm glad I have a job at by the way. No. You're very kind. Of course, you know. It's. Remember when I have the Larry King fan because. Yes, every caller right comfortable, you're you're you're great to everybody. And honestly, I like you a lot. Something because that caller that call you before. Yes. And you said, you know, she see dad GAM. He's definitely a Red Sox fan because in ninety six we were a wildcard young kids. Like we have now and we won the world, Dan. We lost a ninety seven with that pitch to Alamar from mighty on up. And then we won three in a row. Actually, we win. About fourteen consecutive games in the world serious with that team. And. And. It was the greatest in a Bush season. He was nine to know and royalty Dame and again for Fenway park in two thousand and four and they come to him because he got a rehab, and he let him and nine wrongs. And then. Red Sox win games in a row that was Messina stone. They used still own the Red Sox Fenway Bart. And I never forgive authority put that and David right? I wish he homerun tomorrow because David Kingman was. I'm a baseball fan. Dave. David. King may. The king dome Ronson ours. Well, listen, we don't want to mention the same phone call. Dave Kingman, by the way, could not a little bit with the thin skin Andhra had no glove whatsoever. But hit home runs as high as the tallest building in Manhattan. And the bottom line is one sense because of a sports writer from the sacra tomato be one sent in a shoebox dead rat to a reporter that had. No, she was with the sacred tomato b but it was like a syndicate. About baseball's bad boys, at of course, Kingman was in it because he had this hour and surly personality, and he sent a just awful. I mean, obviously, I mean Dave plays. You know, take the praise take the criticism, listen, but nonetheless, a dead Brad seriously. This is not made up to about sacra tomato be reporter in a shoebox. What to go to that kind of trouble? What is wrong with him? Eric is calling from baby. Ville Eric you're on the fan and city was happening. Aaron Erico out. My pleasure for sure too. I just got a couple of points to give us a points. And you know, diehard Yankee fan. David, writes, perseverance inspires me. Well, I mean, he didn't give up and listen, also, let's be honest as well he was getting paid. And if he was going to retire or give it up he was getting all the money that is. Yeah. Official stuff aside out if anybody wants their kid to grow up and look after an athlete he's the Mets Derek jeeter. Yes. This guy has persevered year after year ES, final stenosis. And if anybody doesn't know what that is. It's a narrowing of the spy and he has done like today I turned on the game. And I turn the volume up jumpy hear the applause churn because I have so much respect to that guy. And I just wanna say good luck in the future. I hope he has a good time being a dad, and it's very apropos that Jose Reyes is going to be doing the same game as him and as a non met fan, I really respect really respect him, Eric, you're very classy on your part and. Listen, I love the dynamic that exists in this city with the Yankees, the Mets Mets Yankees and so forth. And so some things whether it was an some things transcend, listen, some people could care less with David ride or anything with the Mets we understand. And there are met fans who obviously likewise vice versa. So but. As a baseball fan. Listen. I mean, good guy. That's I mean, you don't have to go overboard with it. But he did beat the odds and then make it back, and yes, he was getting paid from a more. You know? A pragmatic more a realistic point of view. But there was something else. The pride of being a major league baseball player and knowing well before we did. And we were all of this new the career was over spinal stenosis, and the neck and everything else and not playing in the days and the weeks and the months going by and all the rehabbing and the doctors knew and David Wright new before any of us and knew that if he may be worked a little kids. Maybe if he really did with the rehab in capital letters, I will sized underline the whole thing. Maybe he worked at it. Yes. I know getting paid the insurance. Listen to we understand all of that. But the bottom line is he had to have another at he had to have another game. And you could understand that too is a professional athlete who. Who had played bass smallest Hawaiian who had been good at it who had been gifted at it and who had been as popular because that was him him off the field him on the field. And he asks if you're a Yankee fan, you know from jeeter and jeeter was your David Wright as David Wright might be the Yankees with the jeeter. So the bottom line is he deserved what he got. And he'll remain. He got to do it in front of the daughter. He wanted to do that. And the wife was there, and they took the shot on the with the wife and the daughter looking in. So, you know, that'll be something years and years and years and years from now that his daughter will remember, and so will he one eight seven seven three three seven six six six six is the number to call as we pro senior aide with caution, of course, right up until JJ after dark at too, but now a flak, Marco belletti..

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