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From the government in order to change the behavior across the board anyway but it is it i got to go back to the fact it just feels very arbitrary timmy that the thing that you can always get free re fells artist pop you know you don't get free refill than wine you know you don't even limit a huge you've got to pay for that i'm in a day always make behave marines why i was you've got to pay for that you know we kind assuming that's probably you know no offense to our of our delightful sort of many factors of the world but i would assume that that has something to do with their relationship with you know when you could go into a bar for example probably haven't are range met like you're allowed you know i'm unassuming if the signed off on that sure i so you know all i know is this one i get it jack and i call at the bar i have to pay for the diet coke every time they don't give me a jack and a cult and then the next one i'm only paying for the jack that's true this sure should've i know things him no call it but here yeah wayne shareef been rumors sherry what do you think about france's war against ap billy jerry you got the floor tells white's dumb after college yet and one of them no that's fine you're looking to have opinions jerry but but it's a thank my movements which is a big deal now are they in it movements together how are you know at you know and cut no situated yeah yeah government doesn't have to go and and try and will you for more money i mean come on and i'm not i'm openly in the house and not wanting shared are in about the work and you know i'm all situation work on our food pride back and we're right next they're going to take our bread baskets oh my god and nobody wants to give up their cool and like that well you know what no not for this anymore yeah brantley not in it serie thank you so much murray or calm but i movements are big these their businesses through all those you've got a point these days yeah it's a trendy it makes.

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