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Anyway, all that to say, I'm just building because we have we have a listener question, and it's titled cast from the past from our friend. We locate he says all FIV Bobby lethal this week. I came across five is new project that is influenced by the films distract the movie gave me so much joy growing up. It was influential and reminding me that joy is something to be shared, and that sometimes it is necessary to break the rules as creative people. I think we all carry with us the inspirations shown in different forms of media. Whether it's film, music, comics, etc. My question for you is what film would you have loved to be cast in which has got us, willow. Tae be. What movie would you would like to be in or would have liked to cast in? There is a movie that has become my favorite movie called nassredine by Lisbon male. And he plays this missionary travels around Mexico and all this people follow him. That is the perfect character that explains all the fucked up Latin necks and leading American ideas, we have behind capitalism. I wanted to be nothing. I will love that character not gay or super fucking gay. Yes. Nothing that Lou. I don't have a movie but TV show one day at a time on. Just because I did like, especially when I was younger like I was a lot like a very outspoken very like anything, my mom would say it'd be like that's a fucking hypocritical. Ousting say, and so yeah, that'd be really cool. That'd be playing it out. But with more confidence in an openly gay that'd be really cool. What will we would? I like to be in. Oh my gosh..

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