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Radio six ten W. Y. O. D. a surge of coronavirus cases in Florida causes concerns about hospital capacity to handle potential rush of covert nineteen patients the state reported nearly nine thousand new cases yesterday the chief regional medical officer for Broward health Medical Center says their hospitals do have plenty of room we have enough staff to take care of everyone in the hospital we also have plans just surge up in the event that that's neat we can increase our capacity by twenty percent in the first phase Dr Joshua alleges spoke to CBS for TV in Miami how many hospital beds available varies around the state Miami Dade County had twenty six percent of ICU beds available Pasco county north of Tampa had just six percent not occupied for local governments will require you to wear masks inside public businesses St Augustine became the first city in northeast Florida to mandate mask wearing effective today Palm Beach county approved an ordinance requiring people to wear masks state attorney Dave Aronberg says most people will go along all the people out there who are socially distancing who are wearing masks were taken care of one another that's Palm Beach county those are the people whose images should be shown worldwide we're all in this together we get through this together we've been through hurricanes together and we'll get through this Palm Beach county has bought a million and a half masks and will mail one to every home in the county a middle school teacher in Polk County faces charges accused of performing a sex act on a fifteen year old boy sheriff Grady Judd says forty nine year old Leslie Bouchard of Lakeland attended a party for the victims older sister when she in the voice sneak off to smoke a joint that you could not get lit she confessed to us and she said in other words yeah kind of do that want to get drunk the boy is not one of bush art students last year she taught at lake Gibson middle school with Florida's news I'm John the question our world is change were all wearing masks and face coverings when we leave the house it's the new normal but what kind of coverage we use matters we all want the best otherwise what's the point well boomer.

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