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We're not gonna Attack each other. As Rockies fans like you're not a big enough Rockies fan or your affair weather? We're not gonna do that. Because we have a common enemy. We have to common enemies in Dick Monfort and Jeff Bright Ege. If you choose to go to a game in the future, that's fine. I don't see how I go to another Rockies game. I really don't. Unless it's for my job. And when it's for my job, I get him for free. I don't know how I am going to spend a single dollar. On Iraqis ticket and it breaks my heart. It breaks my heart because I grew up in those left field stands. Spending my summers getting squirted by, uh Sergeant Earth Man's squirt gun. Yell that Dante Bichette. Every game to throw me a baseball. I grew up in that stadium. I love that team. But this is this is the final straw. Can't do it. It's not losing. I have stuck by the Rockies through some very lean years. It is not about losing. Is trading of Nolan or Renato is a betrayal of the trust that you enter into with your fan base. They entered an agreement with Nolan are in auto two years ago, pledging their undying loyalty for the next 10 years and slipped in. And opt out after two years. They slipped in that back door and they were always going to use it. Either the losing would get toe are not owe to the point that he would want to leave. Or the losing would get to the point where Jeff Bright, it's would feel he could sit in front of media and fans alike and justified trading. Nolan are not all for the greater good of the franchise. We see right through him. Don't wait. He's betraying he betray Nolan are not as trust By promising him that they would do everything they could to consistently win. And immediately After knowing are not. Oh, put pen to paper went back. On their word. By signing Nolan are nado. They entered into a trust with you, the fan saying your favorite player. Greatest player that you have ever seen put on this uniform is not going anywhere. And they lied to you because this was always the plan. It's just they got fleeced. Even more than we could have expected they would have But they were always going to do this. 5 to 29872. All right manifesto over Your thoughts. Are most welcome on this Monday. Um When we come back, the Nolan are not a deal is not the biggest deal that happened in sports. Matthew Stafford is now a member of the L. A Rams. Why the fact that the Broncos weren't really in on Matthew Stafford? Has very little to do with how much the Rams outbid them and everything to do with how far away George Payton really thinks the Broncos are. That's after we take a look at traffic..

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