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People there that you don't really know any bit awkward conversations a bit slow and everyone's a bit tense and you pull out a beer and everyone's looking at you like oh okay cool. This evening is is starting to get better and people are thinking. Where can i get a beer. And you're like no no no. It's alcohol free beer pointing. I promise you'll get weird. Looks that that's just guaranteed. I'm not going to remember that guy's name he's would just be known as the guy got into non alcoholic but i think the weirdest place has to be when you're driving right. I mean especially if you're alone in the car. Yeah but they had an ad in australia. That that's exactly what was going to say. Yeah there's an ad here in israel going right now like now you can drink while you're driving and i don't know i guess technically now you can behold wants to do that. I mean maybe it's just me but have you ever found yourself driving like say on the way home from work or something and thinking man. I can't even wait one more minute to start drinking. Never had that. If you have if you have the a problem maybe my contend out my are well you could do it at the gym was something but no one's having coker anything at the gym. Sorry is bit unfair so somewhere where you could faiza have kirk but you wouldn't have alcohol-free is like a university library. Everyone's like studying and stuff and you crack out an alcoholic. Just the fact. You need a borough. I this terrible and especially when you going through textbooks and stuff clearly like cramming may no one's ever not cramming anymore but you know like the fact that you need to get something done by any time you to get something done is not basically unless you're fixing car. Never the solution is never to crack. You have a couple of textbooks in front of you have a laptop. You have a pencil behind your ear in a couple of empty bottles at the corner of the table just doesn't belong there yet. We're getting getting to work and then start to get waste waste. You're you're not reading the situation. Correct my friend like nine. Am just said down at your desk. Correct open a beer. Call your boss sitting down with your grandparents then no actually my opening up. Would you open a beer with your grandparents. I myself probably not. But i can see people do that. Yeah period so probably not would you. Would you open a beer in a graveyard. Honestly i'm almost levering graveyards honestly not unless with craft beer and aided not just then you have to check is yours. The non non-alcoholic one. I feel like via sort of like as soon as songcraft. Cbs just like everything's off limb. Everything's on limits. Offline on the at once a cross that line. Everything's on limit. This is the tile like everyone grab a footer. you kick it around and if you're doing a graveyard it's like. Uv cracking a beer outside. Like whoever your sort of nia in the graveyard but then as soon as you're walking out you'll walking past ever else and it's just out. Sorry i like system is awkward situation. Change pay what is the most awesome place to crack and alcohol for euboea way you could just how bitches and i guess you could say maybe like a traffic stop. Yeah i have the windows down. You have some loud music going bundling your hand right outside the window stopping it like a red light you get pulled over. Cop comes to and then your life worry. It's not certainly. What about your university. Lecturer rocks up a big bag of falls and then just as he starts his His lecture just cracks craxton known al car. It's pretty good. I respect that would respect that. I'd also be like looking to change your i still. I can't think of a really cool place to have like a non alcoholic beer like something somewhere where people envious of you. What about if you like the lead surgeon that 'cause i'm pretty sure if you're the surgeon you don't pick up your drink. I sat on holds it. Someone would have to help will be. Don't worry it's not you come to your patient preoccupied. And you're back on your tray with women spitballing waiting. Would that be kosher or not. This honestly it's not a bad idea. No it's not gonna say if we're saying that the main advantage is associated to older experience there that might be a thin line can guy like snorting aspirin like coke guys old habits. I just i just like the ritual about the high just like snorting.

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