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Mister Mister Jordan, Five Hundred Million Dollars, Billion Dollars discussed on Larry Elder


So would you like to respond the only response to responses thank you and Mister Mister Jordan glad to take those questions let me just say that I don't consider myself a star witness for anything they do you know I'm I'm just I'm responding to your question on it so our is there a pretty good reason that Kevin McCarthy brought Jim Jordan over the intelligence committee I mean what were we up to their about fifth or sixth handed knowledge the the the whistleblower didn't have first hand knowledge the whistle blower had second and third hand knowledge of best and the man that they're bringing as number one witness number one to impeach the president is an ambassador the kind of like six stand as Gordon someone sent you to sort of majority gotta get to go ambassador Taylor recalls that Mister Morrison told ambassador Taylor that I told Mister Morrison and I convey this message to Mister your mac and then he said he told people when it's all done I mean honestly it is a comedy this is your star witness in your store it's not ambassador Taylor say I'm not a star which for anything what the Democrats think you are the Democrats think you're very small that's where they start why they started with you and what Jordan did exposed to the entire thing I mean it in all truthfulness he expose the entire thing they they're trying desperately to find some way to prove the what Donald Trump did was AA wrong that's not provable be illegal that's not provable and see even if wrongly analytical even if we stipulate that maybe the president was in art full in his language and in his conversation with president solidity and then it was maybe wrong to even bring up the main body in some way shape or form even if we stipulate that maybe that was a breach of protocol it is by no means and in no way even remotely conceivably impeachable if anything maybe they want to pass a motion to censure the president for suggesting such a thing but the truth of the matter friends is that he was not inappropriate in bringing up the question of Ukrainian corruption before we send them what was it going to be for this particular time around four to five hundred million dollars about a half a billion dollars of US taxpayer dollars that's your money coming out of your paycheck and mine to give to a a government that has a history of corruption of government whose full you know the full scope there's an article on the nation dot com the ran two months ago September twenty fourth that I think lays this out the full scope of Ukraine's impact on the twenty sixteen election has yet to be determined and has yet to be examined vulnerabilities in U. S. selection security need attention and Ukraine's twenty sixteen impact could be instructive not what shows you queens twenty sixteen election impact could be instructive that if you will two this article in politico from twenty seventeen in which they are they question and and correctly raise the point that you claim was interfering with our election in the same manner that the allegations were that the Russians were interfering but on behalf of Donald Trump of Hillary Clinton they preferred Hillary Clinton to Donald Trump so you claim have a role in some capacity in in trying to meddle in the twenty sixteen elections I'm old enough to remember when that used to matter to Democrats when I used to be upset about somebody meddling in our election Ukraine have a role in meddling in the election Donald Trump says I want to know about that and I want to know if there's anything else going on here with the corrupt companies like Beres mock running the show and using their offices and.

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Mister Mister Jordan, Five Hundred Million Dollars, Billion Dollars discussed on Larry Elder

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