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Yeah i mean eight to be shallow but i thought that that's an important thing especially in this business especially in this business well yeah i've i've i've tried to care less and less and avoid mares as i say but at the same time you know you watch what you eat you get on lip ical five days a week you're clearly interested in long jetty of course and so it's it's surprising yet appreciated to hear that looking into this mirror i'm okay you look good well thank you and now it is time for kevin's pop quiz okay between five and fifteen points possible for each of these three questions once the final scores tabulated they'll be posted on our website along with the current standing on the top one hundred are you ready okay question one dave kettner or rob riggle of dave kempner correct carl weathers or the weather in carlsbad okara weather's searcher and last question keith yes that's astonishing yes thank you so much honestly and truly thank you time fan first time conversation yeah and i look forward to more i'm going to try to make it out to the show great i'm excited about this thank you love that stage been on it great stay perfect it is a perfect state yeah yeah if i'm unable to make it i wish you absolute success and what it could lead to thank you very and very excited for for this time of your life.

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