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Now, we check in with Seth Wayne from the KOMO forecast team finally Friday and with it. It comes a lot of sunshine beautiful less than twelve hours a day. Like these days with temperatures well into the seventies golf for the low seventies on Saturday, upper sixties cooler air does arrive as we increase the clouds and bring back the chance of rain is early as Sunday that's gonna continue into next week. I'm Seth Wayne in the KOMO weather center. A little fog around. We'd be island this morning. It's fifty three degrees. They're forty eight inch Shelton with mostly clear skies. It's fifty five degrees in the sunshine in downtown Seattle. Komo news time seven thirty six Shelton. Police have extra officers had Shelton high school right now after rumors violence at school today prompted a police investigations get the latest information on this from komo's Carleen Johnson. Spoke to captain, Mike Fiala was Shelton. Police who tells me they got some calls last night. Last night by some concern parent their children during the day it hurt them vague threats about a potential pool shooting. So they opened an investigation. But after thoroughly looking into thing to be incredible. And it kinda with the social media frenzy that went awry so school is in session today. They do have a strong police presence there on campus, just ease the minds of students, and parents and a planned lockdown drill. At the neighboring school Olympic medal school has been canceled today. They don't wanna freak people out thinking that there is something really going on. Plus, they want those extra officers to be available at the high school for campus security today. Carleen Johnson, KOMO news. Monday marks one year since a gunman massacred fifty eight people and wounded hundreds more Las Vegas music festival. Komo's Corwin Hake. Reports on how survivors here are coping..

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