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You have a lot of energy do probably thick so number a lot of coffee number six is boiled potatoes. Now, white boiled potatoes are one of the foods with the highest society index as a result of the protein in potatoes known as protease inhibitor to if you want to lose weight, cool, the potatoes down before boiling them and that boosts the starch content, which is a substance similar to fiber. And that all helps us lose weight. Well, if you're just joining us, I'm Judy Brooke, and I'm ROY walk and heart. You're listening to healing quest. And we're counting down the top ten foods that are guaranteed to accelerate your weight loss. So far, we've talked about coconut oil apple cider vinegar, hot peppers, coffee, and boiled potatoes. Well, number. Five is green tea, and as we learned earlier in the show. Green tea is an extremely healthy drink. It contains not only caffeine, but several other bioactive substances that really help us with the fat burning one antioxidant in green tea liberates fatty acids from ourselves. Studies have shown that green tea extract can increase fat burning by up to seventeen percent. And it's especially good at helping trim the accumulated fat in our belly area. Never four on the top ten list are nuts now, they're high in healthy fats protein, and we've talked about that on the show and fiber, but low in carbs, so they are extremely helpful for weight loss. They provide a feeling of society and boost metabolism. Studies have shown that people who consume nuts have less body fat and trials indicate that nuts. Help cod. Significant reductions in waist size as a happy theme for us. Yes. It is number three hundred list, our whole eggs there among the healthiest and most nutritious foods on earth. Eggs for breakfast Heff fantastic effects on weight loss. One study found that eating eggs instead of Pagel's for breakfast made people feel fuller and resulted in them consuming fewer calories for the next thirty six hours and one other interesting note aides or found to lead to sixty five percent greater weight loss than bagels, even though both meals have the same number calories in number two on our weight loss list is protein from wild caught fish and grass fed meat. That sounds familiar. We talk about that. A lot protein is the king of nutrients, and when it comes to weight loss, and fish and grass fed meats are two of the best sources a diet rich in protein might boost metabolism by up to a hundred calories daily and one study even suggests that this goes as high as two hundred sixty calories daily and a high protein diet will definitely reduce the cravings and desire for late night snacking, which is something. I think that gets a lot of us in trouble, and it will prevent weight gain during a maintenance phase..

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