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And I know that's part of what drives you doing what you do. Especially inside that you seal a program because you whether it's gymnastics, whether it's you know, basketball, whatever sport it is, whatever athlete you're talking about. You're finding out something internal that you know you're gonna be able to share with your audience and let them personalize that relationship with that athlete or with that coach. Or with that, you know somebody involved in the administration. Whatever it is, because somebody's always got a story. There's no question about it can and I bring up another one. Andre James. Former instance of linemen for U C L. A. He's now on the Oakland Excuse me, You know him. He was He's on the Las Vegas Las Vegas Raiders and was drafted. No, he was undrafted. I should say, but he was picked up by then Oakland and stayed with the team. But here was a guy a former Bruin on the offensive line. Andre jeans with the Raiders. Who While he was at U C L A is dad. Guided cancer. And his God was based in Utah. And that's where he was from the family and less than a week after his dad passed. Less than a weekend. I mean, this is within days. Andre is playing a football game for U C L A. Like He doesn't take any time off. He doesn't take it in, and everybody on the team would understand all the coaches, his teammates. Sit this one out, man, you're grieving, but he did not want to miss a game. Could you knew that his dad Like he wanted to find a way to channel his love for his father in by playing even how hard it hurt the point he was dealing with with his father in which just passed away. He played that game. I don't know how I could have done that kid. I mean, I'll be honest with you. I lost my dad from cancer when I was 16 years old, and I was a mess for years and meant much therapy afterwards. And so maybe that's help. To imagine playing a power Five football game in conference in the dawn could threaded Pac 12 and your dad dies less than a week. Are you playing a football game in your starting on the offensive line is you have the focus to play in that game. It takes a special person to do that can and I just want to give a moment. Tol hail Andre James for That because he was so open about his own struggles and how he would spend so much time with his dad in the hospital and just Housing human Remembering those good times and his father's battle. Unfortunately, ended and Andre went from a guy that went undrafted to making a livelihood in the NFL. And I just think we need to command a guy like that. Yeah, I love people like that. Those are special stories. Andre James, part of Raider Nation now. Will touch on another Bruin part of Raider Nation in just a minute, But a couple live reads that I do with Dr John Pearce. He's got two practices here and one you mentioned your dad with, you know the cancer. When you're 16 and I went over Preventative diagnostic Center, which is here in town where they've actually got a machine, Brian, that actually scans all your organs. So if you have on each size a cancer in any of your organs Of a grain of rice or bigger. It's gonna detect it and give you an opportunity. Tiuna attack it aggressively and you know, before you find out, you have stage four cancer. Unfortunately, A lot of people.

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