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Fell swoop for judges who didn't really care about. What the statutes talk about have thrown our state into chaos. Where the wild West Sally? We there are. There are no restrictions at all across the state of Wisconsin. The League in this state can send messages the emails to members saying we're open tonight. We're going to have more cases and more deaths and it's it's sad. It's a sad occasion for the state. I can't tell you how disappointed after the court's ruling Dane County announced that it will not lift the stay at home restrictions in that county. Madison is the largest city in Dane. County joining us now. The Democratic Mayor of Madison Wisconsin sought yet roads Conway. Thank you very much for joining US tonight. You just heard the governor call up the wild west year state of Wisconsin which we think of as more mild mannered than that usually. But what is going to happen tomorrow? Well you know it really is disappointing. This ruling the Supreme Court here has thrown us into chaos without a plan but as usual local government is on the front lines of this pandemic and here in Madison Dane County. We are continuing on with At home orders at show at least in Madison tomorrow morning is going to be just the same as it was this morning. And so do the counties now have the authority to the Supreme Court in effect. Just leave it open so that the counties do still have authority to exercise if they want to correct. The county's authority is based on a different statute then the health secretary's so we do still have that level of local control. Let's take a look at some polling about what is really happening in Wisconsin. The way people really feel about the governor for example Governor Evers has a sixty four percent approval in Wisconsin. A DONALD TRUMP has a forty four percent approval in Wisconsin. Fifty one percent disapproval in Wisconsin. And and so. It's very clear that the majority of voters support the governor across the board on this And so what do you expect the behavior to be given that most people are are now internalizing these rules for their own safety. What do you expect to see? Generally in Wisconsin tomorrow beyond Madison. Listen safer at home. Order has been working that we have been effectively. Flattening are curve certainly here in Madison. But we do have problems across the state. We have hot spots and so I'm actually quite worried that we're going to see an increase in cases because of this order and it's really irresponsible. This is the same Supreme Court that thought. It was a good idea for us to hold an election during pandemic as a result dozens and dozens of people have gotten sick. The court didn't learn from that experience and they've opened up the state without a plan. It learns this is what happens when you mix politics with pandemic planning. Yeah and the Milwaukee paper saying that the governor and the legislature going to have to work together. There's polling information on that Fifty three percent and Wisconsin Support they trust the governor And only thirty three percent trust the legislature. So He's far ahead of them on that we'll see how they work it out. Madison Mayor Sought Roads Conway. Thank you very much for joining our discussion tonight. Really appreciate it thank you. It's a pleasure. Thank you. The leader of the world's fifth largest economy is trying to manage a careful and gradual reopening of businesses.

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