Edmund Pettus Bridge, Congressman, Congressman James Clyburn discussed on Randy Baumann and the DVE Morning Show


After battling pancreatic cancer flags at Atlanta's city, Hall and state buildings will stay half-staff, and until at least the day of his funeral and congressman. Congressman James Clyburn says the Edmund Pettus Bridge in Selma Alabama should be renamed for the late John Lewis on NBC's Meet the Press. The South Carolina Democrats at the bridge should be renamed for the Georgia. Congressman who fought for civil rights for decades Lewis crossed the bridge in nineteen, sixty five, where he was badly beaten on what became known as bloody Sunday. Over one hundred forty thousand Americans have died from Corona virus. The US is the global hotspot for cases of the respiratory illness words over three point seven million in recent weeks, cases have surged in states like Arizona California Florida and Texas with many setting record, high daily numbers and spike has strained testing and hospital services in many states. New jersey-based. Johnson and Johnson is set to begin phase one human trials of a Kobe nineteen vaccine this week. More than a thousand people are enrolled in the phase one trial with plans for a late stage trial to begin in September biotech company modern also announced that it's vaccine will begin its largest study involving thirty thousand people on July twenty seventh. That's next Monday. The company is one of several working to create a vaccine for covid nineteen up. EMC and pitch are asking for volunteers for that study. They want seven hundred fifty people locally to get on board for that trial. I Kentucky Company said couple rather says they were put under house arrest after refusing to sign a self quarantine order following a positive corona virus test Elizabeth. Lynne Scott says she got the test as a precaution before going for a visit to Michigan, then she got the form from the health department. After testing positive, she was asked to check in daily self isolate and let officials know about any possible hospital. Hospital Treatment Lyn Scott says? She refused because she didn't want to ask permission if she had to go to the ER the couples says days later local authorities showed up, put him under house arrest for two weeks, using ankle monitors and gave the form to everyone in the family to sign. They say it's overblown because they didn't do anything wrong, but the local health department declining to comment on.

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